Relaxation: Healing with Your Spirit Guide

Using meditation to heal your aches and pains.

I used to be a fan of Sylvia Brown, I am no longer interested in her career path however while my interest in her was still alive I did learn something from her. I am not sure if I believe in Spirit Guides, but I do know this works.

   Sylvia believes that everyone has a Spirit Guide that is with them, protecting them all the time. Spirit Guides are for the most part exactly how you would imagine a Guardian Angel. They are by your side through your entire life, protecting and watching over you, guiding you through life.

The Healing Room

   Though, as I said, I am not sure that I believe in the Spirit Guide theory, I do believe in this meditation. I have tried it many times, and it makes me feel better every time.

   In order to practice The Healing Room meditation you will need a dark quiet space where you can lie down flat on your back with a small pillow supporting your head. You will also need at least 10 minutes but strive to have around 20 to 30 for ultimate results.

   Start by lying comfortably flat on your back. Close your eyes and imagine darkness surrounding you.

   After your mind is completely quieted imagine yourself in a room with 4 walls, on the farthest wall there is a window. In the middle of the room there is a table, similar to a doctor’s table only more comfortable.

   Decorate the walls with things that make you feel peaceful. The walls are a soft green color and the lights are dim.

   Imagine yourself walking to the table and lying down on  your back. You will then see your spirit guide come into the room. After your spirit guide enters he or she will walk over to you, explain to them where you are in pain.

   After explaining visualize your spirit guide renewing whatever part of your body is in pain. After you have been healed, slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath.

  The Healing Room meditation works well if you are having aches and pains, or if you are depressed or emotionally unwell.

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  1. Thanks for share.

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  3. very nice article

  4. Thank you Dr. Simran, cmanjuc, and Onkar Singh, for reading and commenting : ) I appreciate it!

  5. I call this the presence of Jesus, my healing Savior and counselor.

  6. Very nice topic. I practice Reiki.
    These spiritual healing can do many miracles on us. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks for the share!

  8. A worth reading

  9. This is a very shamanic process and it does work (I know this from experience). I do find though that if drumming is used it intensifies the visual experience.

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  11. ahan nice article thanks to share

  12. Spirit guides can also help us see things in our dreams if we ask and are confident you can dream about a problem what needs solving.

  13. Good post… Great advice.

  14. I’m not really a fan of Sylvia. Her voice tends to get on my nerves but I will use the method in your article, it sounds really relaxing.

  15. Nice Share.

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