Salt Nature Medicine

Salt Nature Medicine.

Salt  maybe the greatest medicine, there is when it come to tropical fish. In the fall of the year, you go to the doctor and get your flu shot. By doing this, you may not get the flu. Well salt is a same thing for fish. I used salt in all of my aquariums and had done so all my life, with no problems.

Salt will cure a lot of different diseases. Salt will cure ick and fungus, for one thing. It will also help to protect the slim coat that all fish have. If your fish get stress out, salt may help to clam them down to.  Plus there a lot more diseases it will cure to. If you got some salt in your aquariums, your fish will feel better and maybe live longer.

Now some fish can take more salt than others. Molly had been found as far as eight miles out to sea. They can live in 100% saltwater and do good. Sword-tails, platys and guppies can take more than most fish. When the salt content of the aquarium get to high, the guppy will close it fins, as a sign it do not like it.  Plec & catfish do not like to much salt.

But all fish will do better with a least one tablespoon of sea salt in their aquarium. I had used it as high as 5 table-spoons of salt per gallon on fish with no ill effete. I used store brought “pickling salt”. This was what most of the old people used and i have no problem at all. I had also used  real sea salt many a times with no problem. But do not used iodine salt. Because the iodine is or can be bad for the fish.

I know what is in my tap water, do you? Some well water may or may not have salt in it. So if your water got salt in it and you add more, that could be very bad for your fish. I have my water tested every now and then, this way i know what in it.

Salt is one of those things that no body can agreed on. 50% of the people used it and 50 % of the people will not used it. So with that said, it is up to you if you used it or not. The advice that i give is what work for me. It may or may not work for you, so be carefully.

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