Scars and Tea Tree Oil

How tea tree oil can be used to cure scars.

Tea Tree Oil uses probably could not all be listed. I have personally used it for a number of reasons. But when it was suggested to me to try it out on my surgical scar I was to say the least a little skeptical. I had just had a hernia removed along with a tummy tuck done. I figured if they where going to be messing around there anyway I might as well get something good out of the surgery!! Anyway, my cousin paid me a visit after the surgery and told me that if I did not want to have the horrible scar that was left I should try tea tree oil. Ok, so this is another one of those times when you look at the person and wonder when was the last time they had had a brain scan to make sure it was still in the location that it was to be in!!

But I was so interested in doing something to help with the scar that I ignored the rest. I applied the tea tree oil to a small part of the healed scar. Just wanted to prove to myself that it really was not going to work. But by the next morning it was very noticeably gone! I couldn’t believe it so I thought well lets try a little more. With each application that I applied to the scar came a more visible difference in the appearance to were it was almost completely gone. It is an experience that you have to try if you have scars. I am not sure how much help it is after you have had the scar for a while but I can tell you that if you try it out on one that has been completely healed but not years after words it will work for you.

I am sure that everyone is aware of this but I thought that I would give you a reminder just the same. Remember “Never” take tea tree oil internally.





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  1. I’m actually gonna try this too since I have three bottles of tea tree oil lotion and I have a alittle scar on my wrist (from my cat) thats very noticeable.Thank you very much for the information! :) I wonder what tea tree oil has in it that helps scars heal…

  2. I’m glad you had such good results! Essential oils are very good at reducing scars. Keeping it very well hydrated and massaged a few times a day does wonders on a new scar.

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