Seven Steps to Stress Relief

List of seven different methods to relieve stress….

Are you really tired? Are you really stressed? Do want to get rid of this stress? Below listed are few real good tips to relieve you from stress….

Take a warm water shower

Prefer sitting in a bath tub filled with warm water. Addition of nice aroma oil of your choice will enhance the level of relaxation and stress relief. Bathing with shower gel has also proven to be effective for stress relief!

- Massage or spa

A good body massage or body spa treatment will quickly make you stress free! Professional body massage or body spa treatment is recommended!

Take a good sleep

If you are unable to sleep, just lie on the bed and start counting from 100 to 1. Or, you may start chanting the name of god you believe in! Reading or listening to calm music will also help you sleep.

- Meditate

Try to meditate. Sit erect. Close your eyes. And try to concentrate on your breath. Try and avoid thoughts to your mind. Meditation music or videos can help you with meditation

-Take a break and go for a picnic

If your work is stressing you, family picnic or picnic with friends is the best solution. If family or friends is the reason for stress, the best thing is to spend time with your self.  

- Perform light exercises

Light work out also helps in stress relief! Warm up exercises, work outs under the supervision of professionals and physiotherapists, and/ or yoga will help you be fit and fine both physically and mentally!

- Engage yourself in things that you like

Engage yourself in doing things that you like. It may be anything like talking to your friends, reading, writing, playing, drawing, listening to music, dancing, etc.

Try any 2 from the above mentioned 7, and you will soon be stress free.

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