Six Benefits of a Good Massage

What a massage can do for you.

Here are six great reasons why you should go to your favorite spa more frequently:

  1. Relaxes

    For the most obvious benefit, massage relaxes our muscles. It takes away the spasms and tension that has built up due to stress.

  2. Eliminates Toxins

    A good massage pushes on the lymphatic fluids which help in the removal of toxins and wastes.

  3. Good Circulation

    It dilates the blood vessels which in turn improves blood circulation.

  4. Heals

    Massage helps in the recovery of the bones from fractures. It also maintains phosphorus, nitrogen, and sulfur which are important in repairing our tissues.

  5. For the anemics

    When certain body parts are pressed and kneaded, it results in an increase in red blood cell count.

  6. Slows down aging

    It also delays muscular atrophy due to age and a couch-potato lifestyle. It also improves muscle tone.

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