SIX: How to Treat The Problems of Teeth and Eyes Through Reflexology by Nicola Hall: Find Out How Your Feet Mirror Your Whole Body

Effective in treating gum problems and headaches.

Teeth: Here is what Nicola writes on page 74 about teeth. In the adult there are thirty two teeth in the mouth arranged in an upper and lower row with equal pairs of teeth on both sides, the incisors, canines, pre-molars, molars and wisdom teeth. Teeth helps in digesting food and this reflex area also helps with mouth and gum problems.

Reflexology Area: The reflex areas for the teeth and also the gums are found in both feet on the upper aspects of the second, third, fourth and fifth toes.

Treatment: Using finger pressure work the fronts of toes from the base up to just below the nail.  

Eyes: The most sensitive area that utilizes the brain for vision is associated with the reflex areas that are found in both feet just below where the second and third toes join the foot. Putting suitable pressure on these points releases eyestrain that helps cure vision loss, weakening of eyesight and headaches to some extent. Nicola mentions on page 76 the following treatment:

Treatment: using the right thumb work just below where the second and third toes join the sole of the foot across from beneath the second toe to beneath the third toe. Use the left hand to straighten and pull back the toes slightly.

Hall, Nicola, 2005. Reflexology: Find out how your feet mirror your whole body: Collins Gem

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