Six Misconceptions About Contraception

Some contraception myths have led to misleading information among the youth and their sex partners. Let’s look into these myths and learn the correct information to avoid getting pregnant during school time.

Myth 1: To prevent getting pregnant, do jumping jacks after sex.

This is untrue. Any jumping after sex seriously won’t stop the sperm from travelling along the vaginal tract. These guys (referred to as sperm) are good swimmers and they can swim extremely fast, so fast that any vigorous exercise just won’t stop them from reaching their desired destination.

Myth 2: Bathing, urinating or douching directly after sex will protect me from pregnancy.

Not true again! Bathing or urinating after sex is ineffective in flushing sperm out of one’s body. Similarly, douching won’t kill the sperm, but in fact, the sperm should have moved far away out of reach of any douching solution.

Note: Douching refers to the use of a liquid mixture, may either be a commercially-available preparation or home-made solution that is used to wash out the vagina.

Myth 3: I won’t get pregnant while I’m breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is not a guarantee to stop pregnancy even though it may delay ovulation. Using a contraceptive may be an alternative for nursing moms to prevent pregnancy.

Myth 4: If I’ve sex during my period, I won’t get pregnant.

Sorry ladies, but this is misleading! The menstrual cycle generally depends on the balancing act pulled off by various hormones in the body. However, stress, medication, illness and other factors can undoubtedly trigger this balance causing an irregular cycle and leading you to have an ovulating at a time very soon after your period. Since sperm can survive up to 7 days inside a female’s body, it may fertilize any eggs released by the ovary during that particular time.

Myth 5: If this is my first time having sex in my life, I can’t get pregnant.

No, not true. You can get pregnant even though it is the first time you are having sex. While having unprotected sex, you will be just like any woman getting pregnant as long as you have started ovulating.

Myth 6: If I don’t have an orgasm during sex, I won’t get pregnant.

Yes, you can! Having an orgasm during sex and conception are two different things and are not related. As long as you are ovulating and the male ejaculates into your vagina, the released sperm can fertilize your ovum.

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