Six Simple Ways to Stop Itching

A persistent itch can be unnerving. Here are six ways to stop itch so you can get some rest.

If you’ve ever had a serious case of itching you know how uncomfortable it can be. Whether it was from a mosquito bite or skin irritation from poison ivy, itching skin can deprive you of sleep and even your sanity. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways to stop itching and help you get a good night’s sleep.

It’s important that you identify what’s causing the itching first. A variety of serious medical conditions can present with the symptom of itching. If you don’t know the cause of the itch, or if the itching is severe and associated with a rash, see your doctor before attempting to treat yourself.

Once you know why you’re itching, you can try some of these simple itch relief tips:

  1. Try Over The Counter Hydrocortisone Cream

    A one percent solution of hydrocortisone cream applied several times a day can stop itching by inhibiting the underlying inflammatory reaction. The steroid concentration in hydrocortisone cream is so low that you shouldn’t experience the side effects that can occur with use of oral or prescription strength topical steroids.

  2. Apply an Ice Pack

    Ice not only has a numbing effect, it also helps to reduce the uncomfortable swelling associated with the itch. You can use a professional ice pack sold in your local drugstore or simply apply a pack of vegetables from your freezer to the areas that are itching. You’ll quickly experience welcome relief from your skin itch.

  3. Try Over The Counter Benadryl

    If you have severe itching, you can relieve the symptoms and promote sleep by taking a
    25 milligram tablet of Benadryl. This medication is best taken at night since it can induce
    sleep and make your feel disoriented.

  4. Apply Vick’s Vapor Rub to the Affected Areas

    It may not have the most pleasant smell in the world, but it can be quite effective in the
    treatment of itching. Apply it full strength from the container.

  5. Try an Oatmeal or Cornstarch Bath

    Add some oatmeal or cornstarch to your bath water for quick itch relief.

  6. Stop Scratching

    It can be easier said than done but the more you scratch, the more likely the area is to itch due to excessive irritation. Try one of the above itch relief remedies and then try to keep your hands away from the affected areas. Don’t perpetuate the itch-scratch cycle.

Give some of these itch relief tips a try and stop the itching so you can get some much needed rest.

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  1. my mother inlaw cannt stop itching. its driving her crazy. im trying everthing. nothing seems to work. also she wont pay a lot for lotion or meds, eather i need help

  2. the two p[lace that i hate to gdet a itch is in my feet and my keeps me up all night

  3. well im itching and everytime i scratch them big whaps appear and i wanted to know wat can it be and if i keep scratching my skin will be torn into pieces because i just ripped part of my skin off.but im itchin so bad i really need yall help!!!

  4. i have flea bites from one of my family members dog and i have them around my ankles and on my back and i cant stop itching them.i cant sleep either.hope this really helps

  5. This post is for Everyone that has ever had an itch, ok for Kids too! Living my whole life in FLA you learn to survive?? Of course there are Neems Oil products, work great, but the GRADE A ALL TIME CURE IS (don’t laugh until you try it!!! ASPRIN PASTE, yup thats it buy the Cheapest one you can find put a few or alot in the bottom of a glass with wide mouth and apply the past as needed. I have NEVER Had to apply more than twice.. I was talking to my family MD about this cure and he was in awe. Sez the analgecic in it must reduce the swelling, I don’t know it just works… I Promise … if you get a really bad bite like a scorpian etc. take over the counter benydryl as directed. Along with the Asprin Paste.
    Lynne W. Maitland, FL

  6. Isn’t the aspirin paste a bit messy, especially if you are doing it before bed?

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