Staph Infection Protection with Simple Herbs and Spices

Today, the word is out. MSRA is the disease to watch for. When one gets the identifier symptoms, you visit your doctor or ER for an antibiotic, which, you hope will return you back to a normal human being.

Today, the word is out. MSRA is the disease to watch for. When one gets the identifier symptoms, you visit your doctor or ER for an antibiotic, which, you hope will return you back to a normal human being.

Of Course, Once You Get Your Shot, Is This A Guaranteed Fix?

First, we should become familiar with what MRSA is. The acronym stands for Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus…a bunch of words I can hardly pronounce. MRSA, we are told is potentially deadly. The bacteria, we are again told by experts are antibiotic resistant so it can be difficult to treat. It is estimated that an estimated 30% of us have the staph bacteria on our skin.

The infections themselves are found to be minor and heal themselves without any professional medical treatment while some progress to a level that can be life threatening to the individual. We are told that it is still not clear why this happens. It is said that over 11 million people visit our hospital outpatient department each year. As already mentioned, many of us carry the bacteria on our own skin and because the bacteria have mutated over time through the over-use of antibiotics, they have become resistant and the use of newer antibiotics, usually vancomycin, one of our latest miracle drugs. Health officials who also gather the data on the changes warn doctors against overuse of antibiotics whenever possible, since even now some strains of the bacteria are becoming resistant to the latest antibiotics that have been developed.

Many of us each year experience a similar scenario. We get home from work or school and it may hit us all at once. We sometimes hit the sack early, or visit the out patient of the nearest hospital, or maybe even pump down some bottled or tap water and hope the “bug” will find another place to live and far away from us. As a child mom would fix us some warm chicken broth, maybe in a glass to sip down slowly. This sometimes had to wait until we hit the convenient bathroom.

With All This, Could There Be A More Homeopathic Treatment Solution?

These days, as in the past, if there is a more natural way to heal or recover from ailment, it is the better way to go. It is a medical fact that recent use of antibiotics in treating bacterial infection can bring about problems in the future, since it is well known that any antibiotics will kill the beneficial bacteria in our gut and in the process lower our immune systems ability to fight future bacterial onslaughts that may cause disease.

One thing that we do know: The use of “natural” healing herbs and spices does not destroy our body’s natural ability to fight disease, rather, on the contrary, it aids our system in maintaining our good bacteria to flourish and maintain our natural immune system at its highest level to help ward off future invasions of disease causing bacteria, such as MRSA.

Some of the most powerful natural antibiotics known should be mentioned here. The first that comes to mind is the age-old healer, Garlic. Of course, there are other disease causing bacteria killers, such as onion, allspice and oregano, but Garlic is quoted by some researchers as being at the top of the list, able to compete and even surpass some of the best pharmaceutical antibiotics being used today and garlic doesn’t kill your body’s beneficial gut bacteria which is needed to maintain your natural immune system. So when you think you’re coming down with the “bug”, or flu, chew a few cloves of raw garlic and you will soon see the results.

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