TCM & Acupuncture for Bronchitis, Chest Congestion: Is It Really Effective?

How effective is acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine or TCM? Can it be used to treat bronchitis and chest congestion? This article on TCM and acupuncture for bronchitis and chest congestion answers these questions and cites studies.

What is traditional Chinese medicine or TCM? What is acupuncture and can it help with bronchitis or chest congestion? This article will give you the answers to these and other common questions about TCM & acupuncture for bronchitis, chest congestion.

Traditional Chinese medicine is one of the oldest systems of medicine dating back to two thousand years before Christ. Today in the US, TCM is considered a form of “alternative medicine.”  TCM is primarily based on the Daoist worldview which emphasizes the interconnectedness of everything in the universe. The human body and its various parts are treated as parts of a whole where anything that affects one part will affect every other part.

Acupuncture, which is the insertion and manipulation of needles in the body to promote good health, is sometimes seen by Westerners as synonymous with TCM but this is not actually the case. Acupuncture is just one element of TCM which also includes many other practices such as herbal medicine, acupressure, healing massages, moxibustion 9the burning of herbs), diet, exercise, etc.

Most of the research on acupuncture has been done in China and most of these studies have not been translated into English. Nonetheless, acupuncture has become a very popular form of alternative medicine in the US.

A survey of American doctors in 2005 found that 59 percent of them believed that acupuncture was effective in relieving pain. In fact, almost 50 percent of Americans who have employer health insurance plans are covered for acupuncture treatments, according to a 2004 study.

Does TCM & acupuncture for bronchitis, chest congestion really help?

A 2005 Russian study on the effect of acupuncture on chronic obstructive bronchitis found that acupuncture is both effective and safe in treating bronchitis. The acupuncture treatments that the researchers conducted on seventy patients significantly improved their pulmonary hemodynamics, airway permeability and enhanced the functional condition of the respiratory muscles. In other words, the study found that acupuncture can increase the efficacy of bronchitis treatments.

In 2003 the World Health Organization (WHO) released a review of controlled clinical studies on acupuncture which reported that acupuncture had been found an effective treatment for 28 symptoms, diseases or health conditions. More than 60 other conditions were also listed where acupuncture may be able to help but the WHO recommended further research.

So what does this mean for you if you wish to use TCM & acupuncture for bronchitis, chest congestion? First of all, you do need to consult your doctor. Alternative medicine should be used in conjunction with the medicine and treatments that your doctor recommends. Second, check if your insurance plan covers acupuncture treatments since this will mean you won’t have to pay for it out of pocket. Third, see a licensed acupuncture or TCM practitioner. Lastly, bear in mind that acupuncture is not a one-time treatment so be prepared for several sessions.

TCM & acupuncture for bronchitis, chest congestion: Conclusion

Although TCM and acupuncture are alternative forms of medicine, it is quite popular in the US and there have been many studies that show that it is effective and safe. Acupuncture for bronchitis and chest congestion can help improve symptoms and enhance the efficacy of conventional treatments.

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