Tea Tree Oil: Medicine Chest in a Bottle

Discover the many uses and benefits of Tea Tree Oil.

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Aboriginal Australians have known for hundreds of years about the potent medicinal qualities of the oil of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant, otherwise known as tea tree oil. Derived from the plant’s sticky leaves and needles, this “medicine chest in a bottle” is known to cure or quell many a common ailment, from athlete’s foot to headaches to your pet’s ear mites.

Once available only in health food stores and specialty shops, the growing awareness of tea tree oil’s versatility as a healer and helper has reached the mainstream. You can now find the oil in just about any drug, department or grocery store. It is also becoming more common as an ingredient in cosmetics, soaps, shampoo, cleansers, detergents and disinfectants.

Cures all…costs little

Ranging in price from about $7-11 CAD for 10-15 ml, a single bottle can replace many of the medications, treatments and health products in your medicine cabinet.

The best tea tree oil is organic, and found in indigo blue glass bottles. Never buy tea tree oil (or any essential oil) in clear bottles, or in plastic bottles. Clear bottles allow sunlight to penetrate the oil, which can damage its delicate properties. Plastic can be dissolved by the oil, which in turn can contaminate the oil. Always store it in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.

Tea tree oil’s most outstanding quality is its potency as an anti-fungal. It is used to cure fungal infections such as athlete’s foot, ringworm, dandruff, yeast infections, candida and thrush. But it is also highly effective as an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-septic. It is deep-penetrating, and is 4-10 times more soothing than aloe.

Common uses for tea tree oil

Below is a small sample of the many uses for tea tree oil. A word of caution-tea tree oil is very pungent and potent. It should only be used externally, and sparingly. It should not be used on babies or small children. Keep it away from eyes and wash you hands after using it. If you, your child or pet find it too strong, try diluting it with water until you find a comfortable potency.

  • Cold sores – Apply pure oil directly to the sore as many times as needed.
  • Acne – Apply pure oil to the blemish.
  • Nasal ulcers – Drip 1-3 drops of oil onto a cotton swab and apply it directly to the sore. Some people find pure tea tree oil to be too strong to use inside the nose, or on any mucous membrane. If this is the case, just dilute it by adding about 3 drops to 1/4 cup of water. Adjust the ratio until it’s comfortable for you.
  • Dental abscess/toothache – Drip a few drops directly into the cavity. Or drip a couple drops on your finger and rub the tooth and surrounding gum. Repeat several times a day, or however often as necessary. This is just for temporary relief, so make sure to get to your dentist as soon as possible. Be careful not to swallow the oil. Ingesting a little bit of the oil won’t hurt you, but always try to spit it out. The taste is also very strong, medicinal and can be unpleasant.
  • Sore throat/throat infection – Gargle with 8-10 drops of tea tree oil diluted in a cup of water. Repeat this two or three times within twenty minutes.
  • Cuts/scrapes/scratches/abrasions – Rub a few drops of pure oil into the cut. Do not use tea tree oil on deep cuts and wounds.
  • Ear infection – Drip about three drops of tea tree oil into 1/4 cup of water, or adjust the ratio until it’s comfortable for you.  Fill a dropper with the solution and gently fill the ear with it. Hold it in the ear for half a minute and drain. Repeat several times a day or however often is necessary.   Do not put pure tea tree oil into the ear. Also, rub pure oil onto the outer surface of the ear.
  • Boils – Apply two drops to the boil daily for 1-2 months, or as long as necessary. Be sure to do it everyday in order to completely take care of the infection.
  • Ringworm – Apply pure oil daily for at least one month straight. Make sure to do it everyday or the fungus can build up a resistance to the oil.
  • Insect bites – Apply one or two drops directly to the bite.
  • Athlete’s foot – Apply pure oil directly to the feet, on a daily basis for at least a month to make sure the fungus is destroyed. In addition, you can drip several drops into a basin of water and soak the feet.
  • Canker sores – Apply pure oil directly to the sore.
  • Oral hygiene – Add one drop of oil to your toothbrush when brushing your teeth, or put one drop into the crease of your finger, run dental floss through it and floss.
  • Dandruff – Add a few drops to your shampoo.
  • Ear mites – Make a mild solution of tea tree oil and water, perhaps five drops of oil to 1 cup of water. Using a dropper, gently drip about ten drops into your pet’s ear. Also, dip a cotton ball in the solution and clean the inside of the ear.
  • Fleas and other insect infestations – Make a strong solution of tea tree oil and water. Using a spray bottle, spray the liquid onto carpets, floors and other areas where insects lay their eggs.
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  1. I think you will find the oil works best if you start with the strength/purity level of T40-C3 or T36-C5.

  2. Is there any scientific, repeatable evidence to backup these claims?


  4. Just imagine the uses we will find for cannabis once it is released from its political prison.

  5. Chaos Motor +1

  6. also cures HPV

  7. I like my snake oil from real snakes, thanks. =/

  8. Great article!

  9. I treated a large wart I had on the back of my hand with Tea Tree Oil and it cleared it up in a few weeks.

  10. My late dog was nearly paralyzed over a decade ago after someone recommended using the oil to get rid of fleas. Worst advice ever.

  11. Iv been battleing acne for years and a Grandma now. I never stuck with any products since few did anything but dry my skin. A mild liquid soap (Clearacil) with tea tree oil calmed my skin and actually kept it from getting oily for hours. Im a Turtle Mountain Annishinabeg (American Indian), we know and have trusted use of medicinal plants for 100’s of years. Most of our trusted modern medicines have been derived from plants.
    YOU MUST find a expert on preperation of plants, they can be as dangerous as prescription meds. Good article yet to simple. There are expert herbalists so reserch good. be carefull my cousin was a medicine woman in our tribe, it takes years to learn proper prep and use of medicinal plants, and who can use them. I will now reserch on how I can add this to soap to get same results and save MONEY. Thanks for the digg

  12. huvkvkvuf???

  13. Tea tree oil sounds useful for a lot of ailments.

  14. Isn’t this stuff also known as turpentine?

  15. Turpentine (also called spirit of turpentine, oil of turpentine, wood turpentine, gum turpentine) is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from trees, mainly pine trees.

  16. who ever reads dis ya mums fat n eats used condoms

  17. Asdsdg, you obviously read this so common sense would say that your previous statement relates to you as well ya big jerk. Tea tree oil cured a wart on my foot that I had for years. It also cures ring worm and tinea versicolor! Tea tree oil is great!

  18. I have a question– about vaporization my mom and i both have problems with lung and vocal chord, trachea problems. I am wondering if the way she has chosen to do it is safe. She has a ventilator machine. She mixes the tea tree oil as the dilution for vaporization calls for i think 6 or 7 drops to a cup of water and puts some in the ventalator cup and puts the mask on like you would a vetalin treatment calls for. she says it is very helpful to her and I should try it. But my concern is so many articles say not to take internally, so is this concerned internally or would it be the same as putting your head over a boiling water with oil in it and breathing it in
    thanks val

  19. I used tea tree oil for skin ailments years ago, and had read about it used as a mouthwash. It really does help with a sore throat and breath problems. Too bad it doesn’t get rid of trolls like asddsg and a few others above, lol!

  20. I had an exchange sister from australia and she would use tea tree oil for everything. She never had a pimple and she didn’t have any scars. I decided that after years of trying other things to try out this theory on the acne. It can’t hurt me cuz I already have bad skin the only thing that can happen is it won’t work. I will let know more when I have used it for a while. Also Chamomile is a great toner for bath and face. If you throw a few tea bags in warm bath water it helps to soften and clean your skin. I brew a small cup to steam my face and then dip a washcloth in the hot tea and lay it across my face. It brings down the irritation in my face and has helped start to clear my face!

  21. I use tea tree oil on my acne and nothing works better. Like most people that have battled acne for a long time I am a “picker”. After I have picked my acne, knowing I am not helping my skin any, I can put tea tree oil on my acne and it heals very fast with no scarring!!!! I wish I knew about this when I was in highschool

  22. I began using a tea tree oil face wash followed by a gentle face scrub about a year ago in place of my name brand facial products. Wonderful results for my middle age skin! Recently I reverted to the name brand products, but only for a week as my skin deteriorated quickly. Back on the tea tree oil product for only a couple of days and my skin is again smooth!

  23. You did not cover how to use for yeast infection,candida or thrush, but you did say good for.

    Info pls.

  24. how about genital warts ..does it really work on them, and what should be applied, straight oil or duluted?

  25. Yes. You will need a 90% concentration solution of tea tree oil and evenly spread over affected area. If this is too strong for you mix with some yogurt or milk. I used it on my warts which unfortunatly spread to my perinium and anus. Thanks to tea tree I’m as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

  26. Holy crap it does work! Good work eyore! The yogurt was a nice touch. Smells and tastes good! Goodbye genital warts!!

  27. you ate it???

  28. so, how long did you have to use this to get rid of the genital warts? and is it suppose to stink so bad?

  29. Sting not stink .. stink is bad but the sting is almost unbearable!

  30. So, if this is the case:

    “The best tea tree oil is organic, and found in indigo blue glass bottles. Never buy tea tree oil (or any essential oil) in clear bottles, or in plastic bottles.”

    …why not provide in the article a few pointers to where to buy the good stuff!?… That would be much appreciated…



  31. I use tea tree oil n my daughter’s shampoo. She has a kid n her class w/ lice & every couple weeks she would get sent home w/ it too. So while I was treating her hair I read the back of the lice shampoo bax & tea tree oil was the main ingreadient. My sister also uses it. I got a travel size shampoo bottle & added 1/2 a teaspoon to she washes her hair once a week w/ it & she hasn’t had lice since

  32. why not on body piercings? i developed a small lump around my nose piercing, and used tea tree oil and it worked like a charm..should i stop? i now feel a little scared

  33. I have a nail with fungus can I use it on my nail even though i’m 2 months pregnant?


  35. you can go on i have an extended list of uses for tea tree oil and places where u can buy it

  36. My son had a resistant wart on his finger that none of the wart medications could clear up and we spent months trying. After only a week of treatment with tea tree oil, it cleared up completely and never came back. I was absolutely astounded. I am currently trying to clear up a fungal infection that is a little more resistant. I guess you have to keep treating until it’s completely gone or it builds up resistance to the tea tree.

  37. You can also use Tea Tree Oil for disinfecting sea sponges which are used as menstrual tampons. Rinse the sea sponge with distilled water. Then add about 5-8 drops to distilled water and let the sea sponge soak for a few minutes in the solution. Have sponge soak up about 3-4 times, then squeeze out excess moisture and let air dry or sun dry before placing the sea sponges back in the cotton bag for storage.

  38. Is tea tree oil toxic? I know it;s not good to injest it but can it be toxic if you use large amounts to clean with etc. What about if you are immunosuppressed?

  39. I came across tea tree oil as a use in the case of ear infections in a farmers almanac forum. In this case it was used externally,directions were to rub on the outside of the ear around the drum.It did not though specify whether to dilute or not. I am confused somewhat as other remedies i see are diluted but go directly in the ear,but see cautions about using internally. so by internally does it mean my mouth? Any help would be appreciated as my child gets many ear infections that the antibiotics never seem to clear them right up and the concern for the amount of them she has taken over the years is great, as often she then develops bladder infections due to the antibiotics to help (?) the ears.

  40. I’m right there with you chaos! It’s the truth…….

  41. I found a great place to get this oil.

    You can email me at for purchase information.

  42. I had quite severe acne for about 4 years before using tea tree oil directly to the spots with a cotton bud. I also changed to using a coal tar soap to cleanse my face from dirt and make up which has a small concentration of tea tree in it and rinsed with cold water and it cleared up my acne almost completely!

  43. Tea tree oil and peppermint oil 50/50 together is the ULTIMATE cure for athletes foot… After screwing around with all the commercial crap for years i finally tried this.

    It starts working within about 5 minutes. The burning feeling is gone. It feels nice and cool and almost cold even. Instant relief. The dry cracked raw feeling is gone.

    And it cures it too. took 4 days for the majority of the problem to go away. Kept it up for 7 days and it was GONE.

    And once its gone. A little tea tree oil and alchol sprayed in your shoes once a week or so. And let dry.. Will keep athletes foot away forever!

    Smells nice too

  44. smell is a matter of taste …

  45. Tea tree oil is absolutley amazing and it does work. I used it on
    fire ant bites, gargle for sore throat, topical blemishes, infected finger nail, infected cut, you name it and it works.

  46. Tried for the first time on fever blister, stopprd it from becoming really bad. It stinks..What can be done about that?

  47. Joyce and anyone else….how good did it work on fever blisters? I gat them about once every 2-3 months. Abreva works…but of course I want something that works better. Do you put it on full strength?? Thanks!!

  48. I’ve been fighting acne for years and years, (I’m almost 50) Decided to try it on my face. I use it every other day full strength in the shower and rise it off with hot water. On off days I use oxy wash. It really seems to be working quite well.

  49. Can Tea Tree Oil be used on a rather deep abrasion where there is exposed flesh the size of a quarter?

  50. No do not use it on deep abrasions. Or any open wound for that matter.

  51. Here is some valid information about tea tree oil from reputable sources:

    Williams LR, Home VN, Zhang X, et al. The composition and bactericidal activity of oil of Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree oil). Int J Aromather. 1989;1:15-17. – Vaginal Infection

    - Article on what tree tea oil is and ratings. –

    For further information, read attached articles to scholarly work. Don’t rely on things like wikipedia for good sources of MEDICAL information.

    (this is by no means a direction to use. this is to help with the research in your decision to use it.)

  52. Do NOT use tea tree oil on a cat’s fur!!! The cat will lick the fur and ingest the oil. It is not meant to be take internally. This could result in fatality.

  53. I have just heard about tea tree oil and have been reading your comments. I have psoriasis and have been living with this skin condition on my hands/fingers for years. Western medicine has not helped and I’m thinking this is as good as it gets (and that isn’t saying much). I’ve seen several mentions of not ingesting, and not putting on deep wounds/abrasions. Psoriasis can cause severe dry skin (no lotions work) and when the skin cracks open (that’s a given!), that could be considered a “wound”. I’m curious as to why I’m being told not to put on these wounds..? I saw many of you say the tea tree oil stinks, but wondered if the reason for not putting on cuts is because it stings?

  54. Tea Tree Oil is a miracle… I’ve used it for scabbies, fever blisters, and countless other skin conditions…. I have several bottles hanging around my house and office desk just in case. The smell isn’t so bad when you weigh the benifits of it….. also good is Oil of Oregeno … which is good for internal issues….

  55. tea tree oil as lice repellant. my husband and i go into some pretty nasty places to help people that need it. not all but many have lice so bad you can see them crawling…yuck but anyway.. i take an old hair spray bottle , add 1/2 of my tea tree oil bottle and fill the rest with water. before we go or before the girls go to school we spray the respective person’s hair. i spray all of me and all of the hubs when we are going out for visits. we have never gotten the little buggers. this stuff works wonders. love it !!!

  56. About fever blisters…. works like a charm! I use it full strength and it does not burn at all, it is actually very soothing. Tea Tree oil tops Abreva completely! My cold sore is healing faster than any other ones I have had. The tea tree oil actually works at killing the virus inside, we are herbalists and our kids have not had antibiotics or presription meds for about 2 years…. I tell you, tea tree oil, echinacea and goldenseal, colloidal silver and raw garlic…. you’re set!!

  57. From my experience as an RN, I’d guess that the people who report bad experiences with tea tree oil either used it improperly or had a rare sensitivity to it. That’s why it’s always best to go cautiously at first with anything new. I had some relief a while back for a fungal infection, but I bought a mouthwash in clear plastic! Thanks to your post, now I know not to do that!! Thank you.

  58. Tea Tree Oil, a few drops,in the rinse after washing wool for spinning or a garment all ready made will make it moth proof. I also mix with water and spray on the trunks down low on my fruit trees in January to stop borers from crawling up the trunk and killing or damaging my fruit trees. For the tree damage, Neem oil is excellent also.

    I have never heard of anyone else using these to oils like this, but in Idaho you have to do something or you will have all your fruit trees killed. Works some on brown toe nails. My Boer Goats are rubbing on the fence and I’m going to try a weak solution on them. They are pregnant and I would trust a natural product over harsh chemicals any day.

  59. Tea tree oil is a miracle on vaginal yeast infections! My husband is a physican and he reccomends Tea Tree oil over perscription drugs for this condition. Just put 2 or 3 drops of Tea tree oil in a duche full of plain water. It works instantly. I have never even known of a time when it had to be repeated twice! women who fight this problem LOVE this.. because it WORKS and it works FAST and it works thouroughly!

  60. What’s the issue with using it on body piercings? Every time I’ve gotten one I’ve been told to use ONLY tea tree oil (peroxide causes scar tissue and alcohol dries them out). Nine piercings and not one infection so what gives?

  61. I have used tea tree oil on a cotton ball and let it sit under a runny a nose to help clear up broncittis, it brings the infection to a head and allows one to breathe with ease. You get used to the smell, it is calming as well as very helpful. My hubby never thought much of natural rememdies; however he is the first one that reaches for the tea tree oil when he feels a cold coming on. I have placed mixtures in cold mist humdidafiers such as pepperment lavendar chamile clery sage tree tree oil the mellowness of my children and compaired to the helath issues without it, nothing comepairs. Id rather spend the money on prevention then on cures.

  62. I’ve used tea tree oil for years. I used to get large painful hair bumps on my thighs. Without usage they would last for a long time, but tea tree oil cleared them up within a few days. One word of advice, do not put the oil on boils and bumps immediately after a shower. It burns badly and may causes inflamation. Also, don’t cover any wounds or infections with a band-aid after applying the oil.

    A few years back, I believe I got bit by a brown recluse spider. A small hole began to develop of my skin and I used tea tree oil on it. It healed within a few days.

    I’ve also used it to clear up a yeast infection. I just dipped a q-tip in the oil and rub it around down there. It has a bit of a burn, but it cleared up quickly without all those messy creams.

  63. Thank you Great Clips beautician!! After getting my daughter’s hair cut today and talking with this wonderful woman, I went straight out to buy some. After 2 applications, my daughter’s scalp condition seems to be clearing up already! Even better is the fact that the sticky scabs seem to be letting go of their vice grip w/o having inflict so much pain! Though my Australian cousins raved about it for years, I had forgotten about it! Now I wish I would have sprung for the BIG bottle!!

  64. I am using Tea Tree oil that i normally purchase from The Body shop..its been 4months now, and my acne have started going away, 80% have vanished

  65. I wanted to share another use I didn’t see here. I discovered tea tree oil several years ago when desperate of relief of ECZEMA that I have had for years. It clears it up is days not weeks and it has no weird effects. I remember one of the many creams I was prescribed left the patch un-pigmented. I apply it strait but you could mix it. I’ve used shampoo, lotion, vasoline, olive oil, vegetable oil, hydra-cortizone cream, vag cream, hand soap, body soap, yogurt, and I’m sure others I’m forgetting. I wouldn’t hesatate to try it. I am a hairstylist and constantly tell my clients with issues to mix a couple of drops with their shampoo. I find it to be the best yeast treatment around. Tea tree oil is the greatest remedy (herbal or medical) out there. Although yes it kinda smells…

  66. i heard about tea tree oil from a friend and from what i hear it’s like a miracle oil….what does it cost and where can i physically go and buy it??

  67. HELP!!! This tea tree oil sounds wonderful but will it work for me? I developed a fungus/staph/bacteria infection on my little finger on my left hand, after several drs visits, anti biotics, creams and lamasil tablets by mouth for 90 days nothing is working, the only question I have here is can I put it on my hands?? They get dry and cracked and i have lost one fingernail Thanks!

  68. Hi, all,

    Thanks for all of your posts about Tea Tree Oil! I was wondering if anyone knows how to use it on your face for acne? Should I apply it straight or mix it with water? Thanks!

  69. I’ve started to find that this stuff cures everything!!! I went to Whole Foods Market, bought Jason’s brand… blue glass bottle. They also sell it at Walgreens, same brand. I have cystic acne that is hormonal… comes with my period, and they’re painful. TTO cleared them in 2 days rather than the typical 2 weeks. I use this along with 5% Sulfur soap. (enzymatic therapy is the brand)

    Out of curiosity, I put it on my poison ivy that has been hanging around for almost a month now… instant itch relief. Looks better too. I don’t care if I stink, I’ll take stinky over acne any day:)

  70. If you ever tried all natural RESTORZ HANDMADE SOAP with tea tree and lavender essential oil you wouldn’t look any further to find relief of acne, eczema and many types of psoriasis. The company is Blue Dolphin Soap I googled them up by chance and have used them for three years without ever a problem. Do yourself a favor. Get off those caustic synthetic medicines for your bodies sake. I no longer have acne problems.

  71. Does it work on keloids?? I have one on my tragus piercing.

  72. If you are going to use Tea Tree Oil for nail fungus (especially severe nail fungus), keep in mind that you have to be very patient. Apply tea tree oil to affected area 2-3 times during a given day (use a small brush or q-tip). Many people give up on this oil when the fungus does not go away in weeks or months. Fungus is pretty darn strong and difficult to get rid of, so it may take 6 mo. to 1 year of consistenly applying it to nail/s in order for fungus to go away.

    Be patient and you will see that it works wonders! Many times, not even prescription drugs or prescription creams (much less over the counter products) cures fungus even after using it for YEARS. And a bottle of tea tree oil is so much cheaper than meds. and doctor visits. Good luck!

  73. Never use tea tree oil undiluted on the face. Mix with a light organic creme- or water.

    Tea Tree cures MRSA as well. Catch it early.

  74. I just wanted to say thank-you. The information about eczema was EXACTLY what I was looking for. It is so bad on my fingers that they crack and bleed constantly. I’m gonna go try it now we will see what happens.

  75. my family has used tea tree oil since before i was born. it saves alot of unnecessary trips to the dr.
    as for using it on pets, dogs absolutely hate it. if they smell it they’ll run, and it does cause this sort of paralysis when its too strong. if you dilute it, though, it works just as well. perfect for fleas, ticks and cuts. a little will go a long way.
    you can buy it at walmart, and GNC, but the one we usually buy is from Melaleuca.

  76. I like tea tree oil

  77. You really should nott use that stuff internally, you can get very sick! I would not recommend using it with children because if it gets in their eyes or mouth it can be very bad and harmful. Otherwise it is very useful, but be mindful and use small quantities.

  78. my kids use it on acne & swear by it!!

  79. I sold Melaluca for years and Tea Tree is the best last year got a dog and we went to So. orange county and picked up fleas!!!! yuk so am gonna see what it can do for them, Hate those flea collars.

  80. Can I use turpentine oil, the pain relieving kind you get from Walmart?
    I have a two ounce bottle in the cabinet and have heard it will help get fleas off of pets.
    Plus I am now reading that it’s good with acne. Something my 15 yr old will love.
    I hope for a quick answer back as we are going nuts with these fleas that nothing has touched.

  81. Can you use it in your nose? I read somewhere to use it in your nose to heal MSRA.

  82. Tea tree oil is the bomb. It’s inexpensive, is bery usefull against bacteria, fungus and viruses. With the swine flu and MRSA on the rise I use it in a soap called RESTORZ handmade soap. I never get sick even when others in the house do. I wash my hands frquently. Tea tree boost immune response.

  83. My son has a fungal infection on his arm. I have been told that I shouldn’t use straight oil but should dilute it in a lotion. Anyone heard of this and have a suggested ration?

  84. For YEARS have had winter dry skin itch on hands especially at finger joints, an itch so intense you could use wire brush on it and never stop. The doctor said it’s NOT eczema or anything other than dry skin and allergic hypersensitivity to something unknown. Well, just started using MelaGel sauve 5 days ago. MIRACLE relief from the itching! It STOPS the itch, NOTHING else does and I’ve tried countless remedies. This stuff is astonishing, it STOPS the itch within a minute… hands are healing beautifully and at this rate could be no trace of scratch/itch rash and damage in a couple weeks. THIS STUFF WORKS I am blown away.. forget hydrocortizone creams, hand lotions, emu oil, etc … try this tea oil stuff paahhhhleeeeze!

  85. How long does it take to cure a hair fungal infection i have had it for 2 years now and my hair is coming out so much in patches please help…. i have been to the doctor and it comes right back.. it is very resistant to the antibiotics.

  86. I used tea tree oil for shingles. I used it full strength and it took all the pain out of it. I found the tee tree oil at my local CVS pharmacy, very reasonable priced and convient.

  87. I use Tea Tree for many things including:

    Ear Infections – straight on a Q-tip and rub the inside of the ear – clears them up quickly

    Bug Bites, Cuts and Scrapes – Tea Tree with a Benzonite Clay works wonders

    It also an awesome solvent removes skicky messes ( no need for goo-gone or chemical based products) and removes permanant marker with ease

    I do computer work and it is great for removing thermal paste from heatsicks and CPU’s and all natural

  88. Wow I didn’t know that tea tree has so many use the only thing I know is it is use in some facial wash.

    Ayurveda Cure

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  90. Does it work on keloids?

  91. I do love tea tree oil but I thought I’d add a warning or two for all those about to try it:

    According to the American Cancer Society: “Tea tree oil is toxic when swallowed. It has been reported to cause drowsiness, confusion, hallucinations, coma, unsteadiness, weakness, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach upset, blood cell abnormalities, and severe rashes. It should be kept away from pets and children.”

    External application of tea tree oil undiluted and/or at inappropriate high doses has been associated with toxicity, including death, in cats and other animals due to ingestion during grooming.

    If used in concentrations below 4% or particularly below 1%, tea tree oil may fail to kill bacteria and create selection pressure, which may result in them becoming less sensitive to tea tree oil and even some antibiotics in vitro.

    Tea tree oil may cause hearing loss when used in the ears.

  92. how does tea tree oil cure HPV?

  93. Would tea tree oil be beneficial to underarm burn, if so would it need to be diulted and if so with what?

  94. If you use antibiotic ointment regularly your body may be building an immunity to it. I use tea tree oil for red ant bites, insect stings, cold sores, zits, and foot fungus. If you want medicinal oinments to work on you for more serious scrapes etc use Tea tree oil in between and you will respond somuch better. I’m not a Dr. but this stuff works very well on me. I can’t promise the same for you. I buy mine through mybluedolphinsoap and they have great stuff and good pricing compared to health stores. I like most of the positive comments on this site everyone should be cautious with what you read on the internet.

  95. why can’t you use it on piercings ? I have had a really nasty infection with a bump on the top of my belly button piercing and I was told by a bunch of ppl to use it ti clear it up and I’ve been using it for 2 days and its already looking tons better

  96. The article is very wonderful. You analyse in the round. I will go on to attention your other wonderful posts. Thank you.

  97. My 4 yr old daughter being having sores in her head for the last 3 yrs, can I use tea tree oil to get rid of it?

  98. I heard about using tea tree oil for genital warts in combination with golden seal extract, you mix the two together to make a paste. Golden seal helps for immunity, and mixed with the tea tree oil for skin aliaments sounds like a great combo. I’ve been applying 1-3 times a day but I think I just might try pure tea tree oil.

    I’ve been going to the doctors for 2 years for genital warts and its plagued my life as a college student, after reading lately about how tea tree oil gets rid of warts in 3 weeks, I want to murder all of those doctors. Bastards probably knew all along.

    I’ll post back to confirm, although im sure I wont need to. Props for natural remedies!!!

  99. I have a some kind of fungus/tinea on my chest that was spreading on my shoulders and neck. Dr. told me to try lamisil, it got a bit better for 3 days but then kept spreading. Was then given antibiotics for a week because she believed it was a bacterial and fungal infection. Again, slight improvement, however, new spots kept coming up and were itchy! I didnt find lamisil very good, I went through tubes of this stuff too! I tried tea tree oil two days ago and the itching has stopped almost completely and there have not been any more new spots appearing at all. My skin seems to be healing and the reddness is fading…I love tea tree oil! Cant wait to tell my Dr. I found something that really works!

  100. I’d like to know what results you’ve had with vaporizations of tea tree oil for fungal lung infection. I’m considering doing this, since I believe I have this kind of infection. Any side effects?

  101. I just used a drop in my swimmers ear burns and itch even the alcohol didnt do this im wish I had not did it.

  102. The back of the teatree oil bottle says to add 5ml to vaporizer if you have chest/ throat infections, so Val2you I would say it\\\’s safe to inhale, I think it just means don\\\’t drink cos it\\\’s alcohol

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    Ta hope this helps

  104. Informative article. I hope I could buy it here in the Philippines.

  105. Hi the wellness company will be coming to the Philippines in the nere future
    If you won,t up dates give me a email and I will keep it on file
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  107. I use Tea Tree Oil for sinus infections. I only use a dab to rub across my forehead and behind my ears. It can be fatal if taken internally. I read to only use a drop or two in 1/4 cup warm water for ears and never whole strength. It can be breathed by steam. It really works and much better for you than antibiotics.

  108. i have heard it works on anal skin tags, does it work & how to apply & how often

  109. well ive been fighting ezcema for many years and been on steriods alot and just recently i got a staff infection because of my break out would the tea oil be good for my skin and im sure would have to be deluted as well

  110. You didn’t pour the oil all over your dog, did you?
    Just a drop or two in back of the neck.

  111. How do you make that soap? Are you saying that you make the soap?

  112. My 100 lb. dog had an open sore that was pretty big, but not deep, the vet put a halo on his head. As I was leaving the vet’s office someone recommended using tea tree oil to cure it. I mixed the oil with water and sprayed it on the dog a couple times a day. I was amazed at how fast it worked. It only took a couple days and the sore wasn’t red anymore. It healed very quickly and we never had any problems.

    I am using it now for acne and it has really helped my face. I have always had problems with acne and am now in 30’s. I notice that I am getting less acne and it is a much smaller size when I do break out. I am going to continue to use it. It smells horrible but it seems to be really helping and that’s all I care about.

    I also put in directly on my athlete’s foot and my foot felt better that night. I just cover the whole area with it.

    I am definitely going to continue using it.

  113. Why is the results of an ingredient that is naturally available difficult for some to understand? Most working man-made medicines mimic or synthesize the effects of natural ingredients. Why not go directly to the source?

    I sold a product made with tea tree and heard countless testimonials from people accross North America about the positive healing effects.

  114. Try Tea Tree UltimatesĀ® FungaSoapĀ®. It works for most of the conditions above and is a miracle soap. I even wash my face with it. I\’m 50 and have great skin. I\’ve been using it for 8 years now!
    Althletes foot, yeast infections, acne, warts and more. Great for washing your feet if you are a diabetic too!

  115. Hi, Pls contact me re dog/t tree/ paralysis.

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