Ten Best Asanas for Healthy Pregnancy and Easy Labor

Sitting Postures – Yoga Asanas for pregnant women.

Lie down on the floor with Lie in the back. Interlock your fingers of both hands and place hands below your head. Now bend your knees, but still keeping the soles of the feet on the floor. Now while breathing out, lower the legs towards the right and try to touch the floor with your knees. Simultaneously, move the head towards the left. It should be a uniform twisting stretch to relax the entire spine. Repeat the same, on the other side by bending legs towards left, and head towards right.


It  helps to remove constipation and improves digestion. It also gives strength to spinal cord.

Chopping Wood Posture

It is called as Kashta Takshan Asana 

Sit on the floor, with squatting posture. Keep your feet flat on the ground, with a gap of 1.5 feet between both legs. Interlock fingers of both hands and keep them on the floor, in between the feet. Your arms should be straight while doing this asana. Your elbows should be inside the knees. Now, imagine as if you are holding an axe to chop wood. While inhaling, raise your arms as high as possible, behind the head. It stretches the spine, upward. Look up at the hands, upwards. Now exhale while making a downward movement. Try to exhale all the air you inhaled, with a sound to ensure complete exhale.


Loosens pelvic girdle and strengthens the muscles, which helps for easy delivery.

Thunderbolt Posture

It is called as Vajrasana. Vajram means diamond. This is a posture which makes you strong as diamond.

Kneel down on the floor. Bring your leg toes together, with heels separated from each other. Now sit on the gap formed in between the toes and heels. That is you need to lower the buttocks onto the inside surface of the feet. This makes the heels to touch the side of the hips. Place hands on knees. Your entire body should be in straight posture, but in a relaxed way.


Helps in getting rid of constipation and improves digestion. My teacher used to advice to sit in this posture, even while watching TV or reading books. It strengthens pelvic muscles.

Cat Posture

It is called as Marjari Asana.

Kneel down on the floor. Sit with your buttocks on the heels, as you do in Vajrasana. Now, raise the buttocks and kneel down. Lean forward and place your hands flat on the floor. Breathe in while raising the head, which depress the spine (concave). Breathe out when lowering the head, which makes the spine to move upward. When you finish exhaling completely, you will be in a pose, where your face will be facing the thighs, with abdomen contracted and buttocks pulled in.


It relaxes neck, spine and shoulder muscles. Good for first 6 months of pregnancy.

Palm Tree Posture

This is called as Tadasana.

Stand straight, with feet together. Keep the arms on the side. Slowly raise the arms over the head. Interlock the fingers of the hands and turn the palms upward. With hands over the head, breathe in and stretch the arms, shoulders and chest upwards. Slowly raise the heels and stand on your toes. Stretch and relax whole body from top to bottom. Again, slowly lower the heels while breathing out and bring hands on top of the head, removing the interlock of the fingers.


It strengthens spinal cord and abdominal muscles.

Squat and Rise Posture

It is called as Utthanasana.

Stand straight on the floor with your feet apart (nearly 1m apart), facing outward. That is the toes are facing out. Interlock your fingers of the hands and hang them loosely in front of the body. Bend your knees slowly and lower the back (buttocks). This forms the squatting posture. Then raise slowly to the upright position, by straightening the knees.


It helps to strengthen the thighs, ankles and back.

Flapping Fish Posture

It is called as Matsya Kridasana. Matsya means fish.

Lie on the floor, upside down. That is with your stomach on the floor. Interlock your fingers of the hands, and keep them under your head. Slowly bend the left leg on the side, bringing the knees close to the rib, whereas the right leg remains straight. Turn the arms to the left and make the left elbow to rest on the left knee. If not possible, then rest on the floor. Relax and repeat the same on the other side.


Helps in solving constipation problems and improves digestion. It relaxes the entire body.

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This cannot be a replacement for a doctor’s advice. So, check with your doctor before starting.

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