The Carnelian Healing Gemstone

Carnelian is a gemstone that has been used for centuries for luck, fertility, healing and protection. It has also been used in cameos and signet rings for centuries.

Carnelian has long been used as a protective stone. It has also been used for healing. The name carnelian comes from a Latin word corneolus meaning cherry. Carnelian has been a cameo stone for centuries. Because wax doesn’t stick to it, Carnelian has also been used in signet rings for imprinting seals on documents. Carnelian has also been used as a good luck charm for centuries. Carnelian is a kind of chalcedony that comes in varying shades of orange, red, pink, yellow, brown and combinations of those colors. The coloring is due to the iron in Carnelian. The color carnelian is named after the carnelian gemstone.

Carnelian is a protective, grounding stone. It is stabilizing and helps to promote focus and clear thinking. Carnelian helps to clear unwanted thoughts and restore clarity of mind. It helps to shield the bearer from anger and envy. It is calming and it clears negative emotions. Carnelian helps people to focus and to think analytically. It will reduce apathy and increase motivation.

Carnelian helps people to feel better and it reduces depression. People use it for dealing with abuse issues. It helps people to make positive life decisions and correct negative conditioning. Carnelian helps people to be their own best friends, live in the present and enjoy life. It helps to clear sadness away and it increases vitality.

Carnelian is known as a fertility stone that is also used during pregnancy. Carnelian is used to treat infertility. Carnelian is used to treat the female reproductive system. Carnelian may also ease menstrual cramps. Carnelian is also worn for love and passion. It can correct frigidity and impotence. Carnelian may be put on the pubic bone for 20 minutes a day during pregnancy.

Carnelian is used to purify the blood, for blocked arteries and blood conditions.  Carnelian contains iron and it promotes the generation of new blood cells. It is used to revitalize the blood and regenerate body tissue. Carnelian is also used to treat bleeding, to staunch bleeding and for bleeding gums. Carnelian refreshes the skin and the body’s organs with improved absorption of vitamins and minerals and improved circulation. Carnelian essence also helps to firm the skin by increasing circulation.

Carnelian may be used to treat asthma, arthritis, bronchitis, colds, infections, hay fever, neuralgia, rheumatism and lower back pain. Carnelian is also used to ease abdominal pain by placing it on the abdomen. It helps to reduce thirst, treat eating disorders and it stimulates the metabolism. Carnelian helps the gallbladder, liver, kidneys, lungs, spine, spleen, pancreas and thyroid gland. Carnelian regulates the kidneys and body fluids. It helps bones and ligaments to heal.

Carnelian will increase creativity, helpfulness, idealism and community spirit as a house crystal. It may be kept near doors for protection and abundance. It may be worn or carried as a touchstone for good luck, healing and protection. For healing, wear carnelian in direct contact with the skin. Carnelian can be used to clean other crystals. Carnelian essence can be made by keeping clean carnelian stones in water near a window for 12 to 24 hours. Clean carnelian stones by washing them in running water at least once a month. Recharge them in sunlight.


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