The Health Benefits of Whiskey

Named "water of life" because its first application was on medicine, is scientifically proofed as a powerful pain killer.

It is unclear exactly when and who invented this “water of life” or aqua vitae. Through Latin texts translated by Irish monks, we only know that the techniques of distillation were brought to the British Isles in the mid-thirteenth century and the first registration of this drink dates from 1494 when King James IV of Scotland, ordered the Friar John Cor, on Islay, off the southwest coast of the country, to make “… seven bolts of malt.”
It’s also assumed that the origin of the techniques of distillation were discovered by the Europeans in the East, during the Crusades.

The term “water of life” it’s because medicine was its first application and that’s why, in the sixteenth century in Edinburgh, the king granted the exclusive privilege of the distillation to  Surgeons Barbers Corporation.

Colds and congestion have, historically, been treated quite effectively with a “hot toddy.” Toddies usually contain varying amounts of liquor, usually whiskey, along with herbal ingredients that are popular in a variety of home remedies.

Now comes a more scientific discovery for whisky health benefits. Last week, on a meeting of the Association of American Physicians, Dr. Harold George Wolff of Cornell reported that their experiments found that two ounces of 90-proof whiskey raises the “threshold” of pain 45% for two hours, and that if a five-grain tablet of aspirin is added, any pain can be dulled for four hours. This could be a good treatment for “persons suffering continuously,” especially cancer victims. In his own words: “It is cheaper than morphine. … Of course alcohol is habit-forming but an alcohol habit is less difficult to deal with than a morphine habit.”

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  3. Very informative! I also used mixed vodka and warm beer (sounds ugly, I know :) to eliminate viruses

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