The Little One

The story of a babies first look at his moms massage therapist.

This is the story I always tell to my mothers to be……

Serita came to see me when she was 3 months pregnant, the first trimester. She had been involved in an automobile accident and was suffering with whiplash and back pain.

Every week she came to my treatment room and we had ½ hour sessions.

The combination of massage and cranial sacral therapy eased the tense muscles and released the trauma of the accident and the fear of harming the little one.

During the course of the 2nd and 3rd trimesters, we had about 15 sessions.

I used the subtle Cranial Sacral Techniques to induce rest and relaxation, balancing the nervous system, and Myofascial Release techniques to reduce the adhesions bringing back flexibility to the muscles.

After the delivery, she brought the little one for me to see.

As I walked into the room he was sleeping peacefully in his mothers arms. When I spoke, ever so softly to Serita, his eyes flew open.

He wanted to see where the beautiful touch came from.

Babies are connected with the creator and have not forgot about the other side. The fontanels, our 7th chakra, are open and connected until we are around 6 years old. After that, it is up to us to keep our connection with our divine.

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