The Organs of Detoxification

The survey showed that 90% of the illnesses suffered by people today stems from the large intestine (colon), because the effect of heap toxin.

Coupled with today’s eating patterns that have been contaminated with a variety of substances that are harmful to human body. We can not avoid these toxins, we can only do DETOXIFICATION.

In the body we have been provided by God toxin removal tool, namely:

  1. LIVER. Assigned to filter out toxins, fat and control cholesterol screening. But the liver can not work properly if dirt constantly coming and too much. Liver will be achieved if we eat foods high in fat, alcohol, preservatives and other toxins. The way to detox is to make the fasting program. So just do Liver detoxification of food scraps that contain toxins.
  2. BIG GUT. Functioning remove impurities remaining food. Within 24-28 hours of dirt must be removed from the colon. Within 72 hours if not disposed of will be the formation of dirt clogged, which will rot and fermented and bad bacteria to grow and form toxins (Autotoksifikasi)
  3. KIDNEY. Functions fluid metabolism, removal of urea, PH balancer. How to help working kidneys is to drink water a minimum of 3 liters / day.
  4. LEATHER. Functioning remove toxins through sweat. Skin that is dull is one sign of kidney and liver is not functioning properly. Leather face also should not use talcum powder to facilitate spending toxin.

Detoxification organs mentioned above are very heavy duty, because almost all foods today contain pollution. One way is used for detoxification with fasting, for detoxification organ cleanse the remnants of toxins in the body.

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