Therapeutic Turpentine Baths

Therapeutic turpentine baths were invented in the early twentieth century Russian physician Zalmanov. Zalmanov used turpentine baths to cleanse the blood capillaries of the slag. Just in addition, therapeutic baths turpentine treated many diseases.

 In what was identified and proven anti-aging effect of turpentine baths.
Turpentine in nature and chemical composition, essential oil is obtained from Scots pine. Purified turpentine has a transparent color, characteristic odor. Turpentine is not soluble in water, it can be dissolved in ether, alcohol, as well as other solutions.
The local application of turpentine has anti-inflammatory, disinfectant and anesthetic effect.
Therapeutic turpentine baths, as noted earlier, have a rejuvenating effect on the body. Capillaries in the human body are located at each site, due to the contraction and expansion into the human body violated the metabolic processes. Thanks turpentine baths, toxins go, but the blood rush revitalizes existing and generates new cells.
Turpentine baths positively affect the emotional state of the patient, complex rejuvenate your skin throughout the body, promote weight loss, strengthen the immune system.
Previously, for rejuvenating turpentine baths used white and yellow butter, but today you can buy special dosage drugs, similar skipofita.
Turpentine baths are of three types, namely, white, yellow, and confusion. Treatment of turpentine baths are due to the interaction of multiple solutions. White emulsion reveals the capillaries in the human body, and the yellow solution derives from the capillaries slag.
Turpentine baths cause a rhythmic expansion and contraction of the capillaries, thereby contributing to the normalization of blood pressure. Thanks turpentine baths skin, and therefore the whole body more intensely saturated with oxygen. Nutrients that are in the turpentine, after purification capillaries, more intensely absorbed.
Slimming treatment turpentine baths are simply necessary. Solution of such baths are usually composed of three of the above mixtures. The proportions of mixtures of individually selected physician physiotherapist. Turpentine baths are used as an additional method for losing weight. After all, weight reduction should occur gradually and uniformly, the most effective are comprehensive measures to reduce weight, for example, exercise, therapeutic anti tsillyulitnye massages, nutrition and turpentine baths. Remember that any method of weight loss should be accompanied by physical exertion, because the maximum power generation occurs due to body movements.
As in any ways to skin exposure and human health, therapeutic turpentine baths have their contraindications.
Contraindications for use:
Allergy to component parts of turpentine;
Alcohol in the blood;
Disposition to a sharp rise in blood pressure;
Trophic ulcers and thrombophlebitis;
Skin diseases, rashes;
The process of lactation and pregnancy at any time;
Heart failure
All possible chronic diseases.
If a person wishing to use the turpentine baths in one way or another purpose, it is not desirable to carry out the procedure at home, and it is better to trust experienced doctors and medical workers who will take care of you better than you do yourself.

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