Time to Balance Your Inner Qi

Your physical health, your emotional health and your mental health all revolve around having balanced Qi, positive energy and harmony of thought.

Qi, also pronounced chi (with a hard c) is what the ancient Chinese refer to as your inner energy. We are all born with internal Qi, which brings us health and harmony. Qi is not exclusive to the Chinese, and in fact, has different names in different cultures.

You might call it ki, ka, prana, shatki, pneuma, or possibly soul or spirit. Qi is the inner energy, and for most cultures, it is thought that having a healthy and balanced inner spirit will bring you good health, good fortune and a happier life. There is a great deal of truth to this.

Balancing your Qi means bringing positive energy into your life and reducing the negative. There have been many studies done in medical communities that clearly indicate that the power of prayer, humour and positive thinking all contribute to speedier recovery, and in some cases miraculous cures that leave the medical community dumbfounded.

Good spirit and good energy are good for your health. Plain and simple. In traditional chinese medicine, balancing the inner Qi is done with the use of things like acupuncture, feng shui or herbal medicines. The idea is to allow a person’s natural energy to flow freely, thus allowing the body to promote its own healing.

Qi is not limited to the human spirit. Life, energy and spirit are elements found in all things that live and grow. From the trees to the rivers, life force is everywhere and must be protected. A landscape covered in toxins and smog will not allow trees and plants to flourish. The positive energy is suffocated by the poisons in the air. Much the same way, people need to remove themselves from unhealthy environments that poison their spirit with negative thoughts and attitudes.

Balancing your Qi means taking a few minutes each day to let go of the negatives in your life. Allow your soul to heal and recover from insults, hurtful comments and those who wish you ill will. People who hold onto such negativity have an imbalanced spirit. It causes bitterness, anger and anxiety. It’s not a healthy way to live, and leads to unhappiness.

Granted, it is sometimes easier said than done. However, to put your inner energy in harmony the first step is to realize you are holding onto all those bad vibes others have passed to you. The snippy woman at the supermarket, the guy who cut you off in traffic, the colleague who belittled you. Holding the grudges from people who have wronged you will only bring harm to your spirit.

Let it go. All of it. People will put you down because it makes them feel better about themselves. If they can’t rise up to your level, their only choice is to try and knock you down. It doesn’t change who you are and it doesn’t bring you down unless you allow it to. I repeat, let it go. You will never open a small mind. They will not see reason, or error. Don’t waste your breath trying to change a narrow mind. Just let it go.

There are many simple things you can do at home to bring your spirit into harmony with positive forces. For some people, a tranquil moment with some scented candles will take all the bad feelings away. Others use self-hypnosis, yoga or quiet meditation. Some escape into a good book, watch a movie, tend the garden or have a hot bath.

Whatever you do that relaxes you and helps you forget your troubles will help you let the inner Qi energy flow freely and naturally. It will lift your spirits, lighten your step and improve your mood. Let go of the bad, welcome the good. It sounds simple, but it’s not. It takes practice. It means making a conscious effort for a few minutes everyday to bring balance and harmony to your spirit. Let go of the outside world, and let your inner Qi bring you the harmony you deserve.   

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