Top Six Situations That Frustrate Me at The Gym

Here are the top six situations that gets under my skin as an avid gym member. These do not ruin my entire day, but they are frustrating. Here is a slightly humorous take on my upcoming rant.

Imagine yourself at pretty much any gym in the U.S., and as you are zoning out to your music, whether it would be System of a Down, Yun6 Canon, Linkin Park, or Miley Cyrus (well you’re probably not strength training if the latter is the case), your zone gets interrupted by one of the following situations:

  1. When the douchebag…I mean patron who just has to do their bicep or shoulder workout in front of the main free weight rack!  Seriously?  Pretty much every gym has a couple of these type of people, who feel the need to block other patrons from about ten sets of weights at one time.  If you are strong enough to curl 70 pounds for 10 reps in front of the rack, then I am sure you are strong enough to move the weights a few feet back, so OTHER people in the gym can enjoy their workouts too!                                                              
  2. The pest who taps on your shoulder when you are in the middle of a set to ask you if they can work in a set with you.  This happens every few weeks to me.  Literally, I will be working out with my music blasting, and during the set, someone either taps me on the shoulder or gets right in front of me like they’re damn near about to kiss me, and asks if they could work in a set with me.  I am not opposed to letting people work in with me, but at least can you wait until I’M DONE with my set?  Not only is it annoying, it is potentially dangerous, as I could pull a muscle, or if I’m using free weights, I could drop a weight, because of the sudden interruption.  I should just say “no” next time.                                                                
  3. When it is obvious you are using a piece of equipment, then all of a sudden someone decides to jump on in without consulting the person who’s actually using it first.  Clearly my water bottle is on the bench.  It’s not there for decoration.  I am using the bench.  You have to love when someone sees it there, after I go to walk around for half a minute to stay loose, and behold…someone started working out on there, regardless of the bottle and weights laying right next to the bench.  Now, I’m not going to start fighting somebody over a bench, but if I wasn’t frustrated about situations like that, I would not have included that particular wrath of frustration in this article.                                                                                   
  4. Not wiping the equipment after you use it.  It’s lovely, when I walk on over and see the bench dripping from the last person who used it.  Don’t look at me with a weird look when I’m wiping the equipment down AFTER you used it.  I don’t know where you’ve been or what kind of germs you’re carrying.                                                                                                                                                         
  5. When someone is not wearing deodorant.  No, I don’t expect people to smell flowery, but unless you’re trying to divert the crowds so you can have your own personal space, have some courtesy for other patrons.  Last week, I was engaged in quite a high-intensity running workout on the treadmill, only to be brought to an abrupt halt as some smelly S.O.B. decides to fling his arms all around and start some weird running routine.                                                                                                                                                      
  6. The unorganized weight racks.  Now, I’m not expecting it to be perfect.  However, trying to find a certain dumbbell is like trying to find Waldo. You have to love when the 100 pound weights are at the top where the 15 pound weights should be.  I mean if a 15 pound weight or a 20 pound weight is switched around, it’s not too big of a deal, because it’s still not like playing the role of an undercover detective when you are simply lifting weights.  Plus, as someone who takes very little time in between sets, this really slows me down.  

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