Toxoplasma Virus Cures

My wife had experienced pregnancy, because the fetus will miscarry due TORCH (Toxo, Rubella, CMV, herpes). I swear, it’s not awful, and I no longer want to experience it …..

Continue to try to find a solution, I finally found a special alternative medicine in Bogor TORCH (search on google, I presumed promotion again later). Before the treatment my wife and check first., Was indeed a positive result …..

Treatment was running for about 3 months, my wife was pregnant again, alternative medicine continues to drink —-> As a result, my son very well developed in the womb, was born in good health. Alhamdulillah …… Effect of herbal medicine is that I say were unexpected,. Disorder before my wife and feel alhamdulillah much reduced., My wife and immune greatly increased. If the therapist says, optimal treatment takes 6 months., Depending on your lab test results.

This treatment is expensive (the first one and a half liter of the drug worth 80 dollars a month for 1 person), but it can heal Hopefully Toxo and RCH ………..

OK, maybe some have argued that alternative medicine does not guarantee a cure. But exactly the same is true for medical treatment. Facts, many patients are cured TORCH treatment because it is in Bogor. Not just one or two .. I decided to seek treatment there because there is evidence to support treatment and convinced me.

Alternative medicine uses herbal ingredients said to be scientific fact is not appropriate, the right is not scientific .. Would be if the scientific research on herbal ingredients has been done, but this study takes it a long time. During that time what we had to wait it out, do not it? There is no harm in taking steps to pursue alternative treatment. Actually, synthetic drugs are now also started from the study of herbal medicine that has undergone development.

I am not anti-medical treatment, I am also health .. I know how a drug works in the body, including herbal medicines. I do not want to close my eyes to alternative medicine.

Just sharing, expert therapists TORCH medicine in Bogor was said before his wife had a miscarriage up to 5 times. And during that time, she was also undergoing medical treatment, he got beat the same antibiotic and antiviral properties, the result is miscarriage. Finally, the expert therapist try to do research den. herbal medicines until finally found the herb is given to his wife. After taking the herbs, his wife became pregnant and gave birth to their first child. Next pregnancy was going well.

It wrote. and sharing my answer. May be useful for you.

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