Traditional Recipes for Curing Gastric Diseases

You suffer from stomach illness? You’ve tried a variety of medical treatments which is loaded with chemicals, but not work? Maybe you could try a traditional recipe from me.

       Since attending high school, I was suffered stomach disease. At first is not too severe. However, because many busy draining and mind, my illness got worse. I’ve tried undergone periodic medical treatment but the disease still has not gone as well. Finally, I tried traditional medicine in a physician, and he gave me a recipe that is very simple but potent enough and my illness gradually improved.

Here’s the recipe:

Pumpkin cut into pieces and then steamed
Eat it with cowhide crackers and a pinch of salt
Eat this recipe on the sidelines of your main meal
Drinking warm fresh tea without sugar

You must be wondering why must pumpkin, cowhide crackers and warm fresh tea without sugar. That because cowhide crackers can minimize the nausea when we heartburn. At the pumpkin with the skin, was found a substance “reinforcing” the wall of the stomach ulcer attack. Fresh hot tea can help reduce high stomach acid.

       And don’t forget to stay away from foods and drinks that can cause increased stomach acid like coffee, soda, instant noodles, etc.

        I believe that every disease can be treated and get better because it is destined to be treated. The recipes that I gave above is very simple, but there is no harm in trying, and it may be appropriate to you. Good luck.

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