Use Earth’s Solution to Curb EMF Emissions

Electromagnetic fields are a health hazard. Natural crystals and minerals can help cut down on the amount of EMF our bodies absorb. This discusses a few of the many crystals available to use as EMF barriers.

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) are waves of energy that emit frequencies of 300 hertz (cycles) or less per second. These energy waves are emitted by power lines, cell phones, computers, microwaves-by all of our technological toys. EMF in today’s world is impossible to avoid.

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Have you ever walked into an office area filled with computers and noticed the heavy atmosphere? It seems to press down on you from all sides. What you felt were the strong EMF emissions from the computer equipment and electrical wiring.

We absorb EMF energy into our physical bodies, as well as into the aura field of energy that surrounds each of us. Too much absorption of EMF causes physical illness, for example depression, headaches, loss of concentration and focus, and more serious illnesses such as cardiac and digestive problems, to name only a few of many.

How can we protect ourselves against too much EMF absorption? The obvious answer is to turn off the toys and unplug them after use. Not only will doing so lessen the EMF, but you will also save money on electricity.

Another method of protection is to use Earth’s natural crystals. Certain crystals block and absorb EMF emissions. You can wear these crystals as jewelry or keep them near your electronic devices to work as EMF shields.

Jasper and Aventurine (any color of each) is a wonderful combination for clearing EMF emissions. As I write this, I am wearing the Jasper and green Aventurine bead necklace in the photo to help ward off the EMF from my laptop. Jasper absorbs and grounds the negative energy while Aventurine helps to neutralize EMF.

Place the stones on your computer table or wear them around your neck, or as earrings. You might try using Aventurine to protect you from cell phone EMF.

Fluorite is another popular crystal to use to help neutralize EMF from computers. This beautiful crystal comes in shades of purple, blue, clear, green, and a combination of these colors. Purple fluorite seems to work best as an EMF barrier when you’re using or around computers a lot.

Smoky Quartz cannot be beat as an EMF shield. Its soothing energy also benefits you by keeping your mind and energy grounded.

Clear quartz crystal is the king of the crystal world. It is used in countless ways, one being protecting you from EMF emissions. Place a good-sized piece of clear quartz beside your microwave, beside your computer, beside any of your electronic devices, to absorb the EMF emissions.

You can’t leave your crystals and then forget them. They will eventually need to cleansed of the EMF emissions they have absorbed. This is a simple process that should be performed every two weeks, or at least once a month, to keep your crystals absorbing EMF.

Gather up your crystals and rinse them well in cold water. Afterward, leave the crystals on a sunny windowsill or outside in a sunny area for a few hours. Sunlight “burns” away the negative energy absorbed by the crystals. After soaking in sunlight return your crystals to their posts, be it a computer table or kitchen counter. They will begin absorbing fresh EMF emissions.

Sometimes the easiest solutions are literally right at your feet, or in your nearest gem and mineral shop!

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