Using Olive Oil to Kill Head Lice

Olive oil can be a very effective means of killing head lice. It is possible to kill head lice quickly by using this method. And, it’s safe and inexpensive.

When all of the expensive lice killing methods have failed, there is one that is inexpensive and easy to do, and it’s extremely effective in killing lice. Putting simple olive oil, the same olive oil that most people have in their homes for cooking, on the hair can kill head lice. However, it must be done by keeping the olive oil in continuous contact with the head and the lice for a number of hours. 

The Olive Oil Lice Treatment

How does olive oil kill lice? It seems simple, and it is. Olive oil smothers them if used correctly, taking advantage of their respiration system to keep them from being able to survive the layer of olive oil. But, the olive oil lice treatment does require that the olive oil be kept close to the scalp for a long period of time, making it hard for some people to get through this treatment. 

To make it easier, it is possible to use it overnight so that the olive oil is killing lice in your sleep. This is preferable to some people over having the olive oil on the head all day to kill lice.

When using the olive oil lice treatment, avoid the temptation to use it in only one spot, believing that the lice are only in that area. If even one louse is anywhere else on the scalp, it will survive this lice treatment and can lay hundreds of eggs. That can lead to an even larger lice infestation. To avoid this, use olive oil on the entire scalp to kill lice.

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  1. i tried this today for my daughter and got lice in her towel while i was towel drying her hair i think it works a bit

  2. It works quite well as long as you leave it on for long enough. The best part is probably the lack of side effects, though.

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