What is The Difference Between a Good Doctor and a Bad One?

What is the difference between a good doctor and a bad one? The good doctor wants to find out what caused the health challenge or problem. The bad one has only time to prescribe medication.

What is the difference between a good doctor and a bad one? The good doctor wants to find out what caused the health challenge or problem. The bad one has only time to prescribe medication.

The good doctor asks a lot of questions as he wants to get down to the root cause of the problem. He will have time to spent with you and allow you to ask questions. He is interested in your welfare and in your future health.

If he sees a problem he will give you advice that you might not like. He will tell you that smoking is harmful. He will tell you to lose those extra pounds. He will tell you to get the needed sleep and rest.

He will give you suggestions on how to live a more healthful lifestyle. Your health is his concern. He is not just your doctor. He is your friend.

There are way too many sick people and diseases and doctors are so busy that they have only time for prescriptions. Why do they become doctors anyway? Is it just to make more money? Or are they genuinely concerned about improving the health of their patients?

Our heath expenditures are going sky high. How long can we afford to keep paying and paying. Where will the money come from?

Is it time to bring back the doctors of the old days? Where a town had only one doctor that did house calls?

I’m happy to have a good doctor that’s more concerned about my health than my money. He is not just my doctor, he is my friend!

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  1. nice share.

  2. Great article. I have a doctor who comes from a practice of three doctors who talk to you about things in general. My mom’s doctor, in the same practice, talks to her about crafts and vacations she has taken. My doctor talked to me about his trip to help Africa. They were in the newspaper once and said they want to get to know the patient as a person, not just another prescription.

  3. My doctor is like this. She is a family doctor. Anyway, if a doctor is not giving me good care I will switch.

  4. Never has a statement been so right! we have so many “Take this pill twice a day no go away” doctors in the UK its a travesty trust me! Agood thought provocing article well done. LB

  5. interesting observation. thanks forsharing.

  6. Thanks for highlighting your expectation of a good doctor.

  7. You got this right on target.

  8. Agree completely, most doctors I have met have been description writers. I very rarely go to one of them – I have found a way to keep healthy most of the time and I go to a homeopath if I have to do a health check. Thanks for this good article! :)

  9. Great work..

    I enjoyed reading this nice article.

    It was very useful for me..

    Have you ever checked my blog.

  10. I think the skill of the doctor is important. He better keeps up with the latest technology, and the new and rare diseases.

  11. Very true. I noticed these two types of doctors too. Luckily, I did not end up in care of the bad ones. So, I learnt from their advices enough to keep myself healthy (most of the time) or to “lick my wounds” at home so I do not have to wait the whole day before it is my turn to be seen by a doctor. – Too few doctors and too many patients here in Slovakia. Healthcare is basically free for anyone who pays for his health insurance (which is everyone who has work or is officially listed as child, student, unemployed or retired – paid by the state). So, doctors are blocked by armies of old people (who have no other problem than what always comes with the old age), anyone who wants to skip work and by people who go there just to be sure (several times a month) … Anyway, you mentioned expensive health care. Well, I hope it gets far more expensive (here where I live) to be enough of a motivation for those who are wasting their health and for those who do not need to bother doctors so that they would have time to help those really in need (and in time, not having them wait the whole day before it is their turn).
    Though, I absolutely agree with your point of view too, all those pills are expensive and usually uneccessary.

  12. Thanks everyone for visiting!

  13. interesting share!

  14. Thanks Kaye!

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