Why Meditation?

Why should anyone practice Meditation?
What Medication can do for you?
In this current busy life, why should anyone invest any time in learning and practicing something called "Meditation"?

Meditation could be an important missing element of your life. Meditation is something which can make your incomplete life complete, whole, fulfilled and enlightened. After experiencing Meditation, you will like to make it part of your daily life, just like brushing your teeth, eating or sleeping. Now the question pops up, if Meditation is so important, then why everyone does not do it? Why isn’t Meditation taught in the schools? Well this is happening, millions of people are practising Meditation every day across the world and reaping it’s awesome benefits. Reputed Universities like Harvard and MIT offer Meditation courses which participants later on quote that it turned out to be the most important and useful course during their student life.

History of Meditation dates back to thousands of year to the earliest civilizations in India. Since the discovery of Meditation, humanity has used it, preserved it, spread it and benefited from it. People like me, have made Meditation more relevant, contextual, innovative, interesting, scientific, easier and effective. It will be really worthwhile for anyone to look into Meditation more closely and invest time to know more about it. Learning Meditation, will not only change your life forever and for better permanently but it is one of the best legacies you can leave for your children, exposing them to this “skill of living” for their lifetime.

If you pay attention and notice then you will realize that almost all our essential daily rituals are mostly for our body. Nothing wrong in that, body is extremely important, the only thing is that we do have life which is greater than just our physical body and it is just not enough to take care of our bodies alone to live a successful, happy, fulfilled and enlightened life. We either do these daily bodily chores of our lives willfully such as brushing or we do them without choice such as eating, else we know that we are going to face the consequences and those consequences are not very pleasant ones. Meditation though having a significant impact on body, still works more in the domain of mind and soul. Meditation is a choice. If we are not practising Meditation, than there is a high probability that there might be some imbalance in our lives. The same kind of imbalance or uneasiness we feel by not sleeping enough. If everything is working perfect or really good in our lives, then we might not need anything like Meditation. That means that we might be doing unknowingly something which is producing similar effects of Meditation. It might be smarter to consciously build a regular practice of Meditation, so the balance of our life is not at the mercy of any luck or just some sheer chance.

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