10 Ways to Tighten Your Abdominal Skin

Saggy stomach destroys your physical appearance. Certain natural methods help you to tighten the stomach skin. The following are some such tips.

Quick and drastic weight loss and giving birth to child are some of the reasons to get a loose skin mainly around the stomach. This is due to the non-recovery of skin’s elasticity as the collagen and elastin fibers are altered.  Saggy stomach destroys your physical appearance. Certain natural methods help you to tighten the stomach skin. The following are some such tips.


1.      Do not use quick fix methods to lose weight. It will end up with bad results and is not good for health. So make a healthy and systematic plan to lose weight. It is better to seek the advice of a fitness trainer.

2.      Drink enough water i.e. 2 to 4 litres to keep moisture in your skin as well as eliminate toxins from your body.


3.      Using moisturizer regularly nourishes your skin and retains the elasticity of your skin.

4.      Restrict yourself and have smaller meals 4 to 6 times a day. If possible, try to eat anything after 7pm which is very beneficial for stomach tightening.


5.      Try to avoid sugary and junk food. Instead of those, include foods with all essential nutrients and minerals with adequate carbohydrates, proteins, fats and fiber to your diet.

6.      Certain yoga poses like cobra pose, shoulder stand pose and plough pose are beneficial in toning the stomach muscles. Sun salutation exercises also help in tightening up the tummy.


7.      Exercises like abdominal crunches, push-ups, jogging, bicycling, running etc., help in strengthening abdominal muscles and toning the skin around stomach. Weight lifting is also one of the effective ways for stomach skin tightening.

8.      Many skin tightening creams are available in the market. Use one such cream which has collagen as main ingredient. This can make your skin firm and strong.


9.      You can take honey, avocado and nuts regularly which naturally increase the collagen and elastin production and retain the moisture of skin. 

10.  Regular massage with vitamin E oil keeps the stomach skin tight. Skin care products with natural and herbal ingredients like aloe vera and jojoba also very beneficial.

All the above are natural methods to tighten your stomach skin. But it takes time to contract the loose skin. So you have to follow these methods for at least six months.

Many cosmetic surgery methods and stomach tightening procedures are also used by some people in these days to get back the original shape to their stomach. However these are expensive and complicated. You can also try them if the above tips do not work for you well.

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