Avon Clearskin Blemish Clearing vs.. Proactive

Acne clearing system.

Proactive says it’s the best acne product in the world, is that really true? It might be, but I think Avon’s clear skin blemish clearing product, works better and faster than Proactive. I’m going to say to you that Avon’s clear skin is better than Proactive.    
                                                  Why I Say It Works Better
For the Proactive product, you have to put three different creams on your face to make the acne go away. Now I think that’s torture. It’s an acne product. You should be able to only use one cream, not three. Now think, What if you forgot to put proactive on the night before. You woke up and got dressed all of that other stuff, and only had 6 Min’s to get to the bus. If you have Proactive you have a lot of products to go through, and that makes you later for the bus. Avon’s product you only need to use the blemish clearing for 30sec. 

                                                    How To Use The Products
 It tells you on the Proactive website how to use the product. The instructions are kind of confusing. Would you really want to do all that for just clearing up acne. Proactive cost $20 for that whole system, maybe more depending on where you got it. Avon’s blemish clearing you only need is the blemish clearing and all you need to buy that for is close to $6.00 that’s a bigger difference than Proactive’s price. Also Avon’s website has a 4.3 review for the blemish clearing product. For Proactive 2.8 review.  Now which would you buy Avon for $5.50 or Proactive for $20.00.            

Proactive’s website       

Avons website

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