Beauty is His Name

What an ugly pageant really shows.

Here in America we value beauty. Beauty is so much a part of our culture that we have numerous beauty pageants. Some people get paid just for being “beautiful.” I’m sure you’ve heard many times that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That may be true to an extent, but majority of society finds specific things beautiful. One of the ultimate insults here is being called ugly. It turns out beauty is more than just looks to a handful of people.

Well, while we’re over here exalting beautiful people, other countries are having ugly contests. That sounds crazy! No one wants to be called ugly, well, that’s what I thought. In Zimbabwe, the people hold a “Mr. Ugly Pageant” where they search for the ugliest man. The winner receives the title, $100 cash, and a one night hotel stay. That doesn’t really seem worth it to be called ugly. The winner, William Masvinu, embraces his lack of beauty. He hopes to be offered modeling gigs, but for now he’s stuck carrying items for market goers. Mr. Masvinu traded in his hotel room for money to buy food. He said it didn’t make sense to be staying somewhere nice on an empty stomach.

So what do readers around the world think of Mr. Ugly? They don’t think he’s ugly at all! In fact, most of them think he’s average, has a fantastic smile and a genuine heart. Readers say that they find rude and inconsiderate people to be truly ugly. Even if someone doesn’t fit society’s beauty standards they can still be beautiful if they have certain qualities. Although his own family shunned him because he was ugly, Mr. Masvinu is still a caring soul. People around the world are reaching out to say he’s not ugly. The title of Mr. Ugly allowed Mr. Masvinu to feed his family more so that’s well worth it.

The Mr. Ugly pageant puts things into perspective. Beautiful is taking a hit to help someone else out. It’s knowing that being called ugly isn’t the worst thing in the world. It is being selfless. It is unnecessary to fit society’s standards of beauty when you already have everything. If you have a loving partner and are surviving then you’re okay. The next time you’re thinking of beauty; don’t look towards an actual beauty pageant. Look deep inside for the beauty within and then you’ll know you have it all.

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