Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure

Having one’s manicure and pedicure session has lots of benefits, not only for women but also for men.

Benefits of Manicure and Pedicure

After a day of hard work and dealing with difficult bosses, a trip to the salon for a much-needed Manicure and Pedicure Session is on the top of the list.

Having your weekly or monthly manicure and pedicure time seem like something only ladies would do for luxury but this shouldn’t be the case.  Both men and women may enjoy the benefits manicure and pedicure bring.  Yes, you read right.  Men should also have their mani-pedi session without the fear of being ridiculed as these sessions bring about benefits that both gender can enjoy.

1.  It looks good.  Ladies are sure to take advantage of this benefit.  In fact, this may be the main reason why ladies have their monthly, if not weekly, session.  On the other hand, since men are known to have their hands and nails dirty and unattractive due to their hard work, having manicures and pedicures will help their hands and nails look good at all times.

2. It looks sexy.  Manicure and Pedicure bring out the beauty in one’s nails.  Whether it may be nail painted or not, a newly manicured and pedicured nails look sexy.

3.  It feels good.  We all know that having someone pamper your tired hands and feet feels really good.  Add the mini-massage that goes with the manicure-pedicure session and your hands and feet will definitely feel at its best.

3.  It looks sexy.  Admit it or not, a clean hands, with or without paint, looks sexy.  Who can deny the beauty of a newly polished and well-trimmed nails?  With just one look, one can know how sexy one is, inside and out, by looking at her or his finger nails – even toe nails.

4.  It relieves stress.  An hour or more of manicure and pedicure time relaxes a person.  This downtime allows one to keep its mind off stressful work and environment. It allows a person to take its mind off the hassles of daily issues.  This hour of no-stress downtime can be good for the heart.

5.  It relieves pain.  The mini massage given during the mani-pedi session helps relieves pain caused by tired, hard working hands and carpal tunnel syndrome.

6.  It’s hygienic.  Dirt can sieve through the tiniest holes even at the sides of one’s nails.  No matter how many times you wash your hands, dirt still needs to be vacuumed out.  And since we use our hands in cooking and eating, having a clean finger nails is but a must.

7.  It promotes healthy hands, feet and skin.  The relaxation process and massage stimulates blood circulation to promote a healthy hand, feet and skin.  It removes calluses, dead skin cells, future skin build ups and dirty cuticles therefore promoting a healthy body.

8.  It makes everything sweeter.  The mini massage given during the mani-pedi session makes one’s skin softer.  And with a sexy and soft hands, a touch can melt someone’s romantic hearts.

Both men and women can benefit from having their manicure and pedicure sessions.  So ladies, invite your men for a nail cleaning time, bond and make everything sweeter. 

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