Damaged Hair? Try These Foods That are Good for Your Hair

For good hair you need to eat the right foods and not just lather the right shampoo. Try these foods that are good for your hair and notice the difference from your dry, greasy or damaged hair.

The major misconception about hair is that it’s only what you put on your hair that matters. Wrong. What you eat can have a big impact on your overall health, not to mention your skin, teeth and hair. Maybe it’s because when we were younger all we were told about keeping our hair healthy was “make sure you wash all the bubbles out or you will get dandruff” and “wash it often”. There was no mention, or not in my family anyway, of the food we eat having a direct impact on our hair health. I have, fortunately, learned as I’ve grown up that there is a combination of hair hygiene and eating foods that are good for your hair, in order to achieve good hair.

This may surprise some people but your hair can grow up to half an inch per month, and as with anything you only get out what you put in. If you eat burgers and other unhealthy foods then your hair really will be like a greasy cheeseburger, so much so that you could fry the onions in the oil. If you have greasy hair, or any type of abnormal hair type then you should try these foods that are good for your hair. Try them for a month and see how they go for you.


Nuts contain a lot of Selenium, a mineral that is really important for keeping your scalp healthy. In fact one of the best nuts to eat for this is Brazil nuts. Other good nuts to eat for good hair include: walnuts, almonds, cashews and pecans. This is because they contain zinc, which especially stops your hair from shredding – something of deep concern to women.


One of the secrets to healthy hair is in fact zinc, and oysters are full of it. Zinc is an antioxidant and isn’t a bad aphrodisiac either. Oysters keep the oil glands around the follicle healthy and if you are zinc deficient signs will be: hair loss, dandruff, and slow growing hair.


A healthy scalp is the best place to start with healthy hair, and you can do this with foods that are good for your hair. One of the best foods for this is Eggs, as they contain one of the B vitamins, Biotin. Our bodies usually produce lots of it, so as long as you eat a healthy diet you shouldn’t lack in this. Eggs, though will go a long way to that healthy scalp.


What can I say about spinach that hasn’t been said before? Nothing, except that it can help your hair health due to being rich in iron and folate. If you are iron deficient, you need to be eating lots of spinach as it can replenish those blood cells and helps the blood carry oxygen. As well as spinach helping to make your anemia better, it can also make your hair look healthier as well because in some cases people with anemia lose their hair. 

Bell Peppers

And you thought they were just colourful! Bell peppers are rich in Vitamin C, a vitamin good to have on board when it comes to healthy hair. If you are lacking in vitamin C some of the things you may notice will include: dry hair, splitting hair and hair that breaks.

The foods above should give you a starting point on foods to eat for healthy hair. The foods listed above are mainly rich in zinc or the B vitamins, things that everyone needs to be healthy. If you have damaged hair then fear not, because by eating these foods that are good for your hair, it should improve.

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