Ditch The Sun with Skin Friendly Makeup Tips

Hey girls, missing the cool wintery weather and left with frizzled hair and tanned skin. It’s to pamper your skin and say goodbye to that ‘no make-up look’.

Whether you are on a beach holiday or to an urban escape, it is important to take care of your skin.

Here I am not emphasizing on applying layers of makeup because during summers you should let your skin breathe and ease up in using cosmetics. Basically we all have different types of skin and you need to use cosmetics accordingly. Here are some skincare and makeup tips.

One essential thing which is must during summer is a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher. Use it daily because this will help to combat signs of aging such as fine lines and sun spots. Even on cloudy day you will be exposed to harmful UVB and UVA rays. Apply SPF moisturizer on clean face and allow it to absorb for 10 minutes before applying foundation.

During summers you must have felt that foundation and face powder are just too heavy on your skin. Use tinted moisturizer to get that natural beauty. All you need to do is apply with a damp sponge which will give you an even look. To get radiance, you can dab a little concealer under your eyes.

It is always better to avoid liquid foundation and if you really need to use it then apply to an even skin tone than going for a normal foundation. For a healthy glow you can give a touch of bronzer and apply to the areas of your skin where sun normally hits your face. Invest in good quality moisturizer because it is important to protect your skin. Reapply it several times a day to make your face look fresh.

Use eye shadows that are neutral in shade which is perfect for summer. In this hot weather, you will not like applying a full make up. Just a touch of mascara and eye liner will make your eyes look wide. To get a summer appearance, swap your black mascara with either brown-black or just brown. Do not forget to shape your eyebrows so that your natural beauty is enhanced.

Go for waterproof mascara because there is nothing worse than running mascara.  Imagine this happening on beach holiday or in a party. In this case waterproof mascara works best and in this case, you just need oil based remover to take it off.  Some prefer to get their eyelashes done professionally and if you fair skin tone then it is worth getting them dyed too.

Do not forget about your lips because it is important to keep them soft and supple. If your skin is bit tanned then a dash of strawberry lip gloss is all that you need. You can glow your cheekbones and brow with the help of highlighter depending on the shape of your face. Just merge it properly to get a soft natural glow that you are looking for.

This summer make your feet look at its best by wearing sandals and flip-flops. Take out time from your weekly beauty routine to pamper yourself. To get rid of dry skin and cracked heels use a pumice stone or foot file.  It will ensure that your skin is smooth and supple.

 These summer skincare and makeup tips will help you to beat the heat.

 Author bio: Get some cool summer mantra with skincare and makeup tips and ditch the sun.  Look fabulous all time and bring out the natural beauty on your face.

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