Easy Tips for Clearing Acne and PIH

Acne is downright annoying and can cause us to miss out on the fun things in life. Here are a few tips you can use to clear your acne lesions and to get rid of the red marks (PIH) that they leave behind.

Acne can be a mentally debilitating condition which may hurt the social lives of people who are suffering with it.  Many people think of acne as being a puberty ailment or something that effects only teenagers.  And while acne can start at puberty, many people suffer with acne late into their 30’s and 40’s.  And even though there are thousands of supposedly fantastic remedies and magical cures that are available over the counter and by prescription, many people still can not find relief to their acne lesions.  This article aims to discuss simple and beneficial tips you can use to cut down on the amount of breakouts you have.

What is Acne and PIH?

Acne is a condition in which small, inflamed bumps protrude from the skin.  These protrusions are often referred to as acne lesions and they come in all different sizes and shapes.  The majority of people suffer with acne on their faces, however, the back and chest are also common areas for acne lesions to show up.  Acne is caused by a bacteria known only as P.acnes.  Acne can be categorized into several different types: light, moderate, and severe.

Light acne may refer to someone who gets a small or rather unnoticeable pimple or two every few days or weeks.  Moderate acne refers to someone who gets breakouts of about six or seven pimples every few days or weeks.  The pimples often go away as soon as more surface.  The next stage is severe acne.  This stage can often be the most debilitating and may include cystic acne lesions that form in large numbers all over the face or body.  Someone with severe acne may breakout with several new pimples daily and old pimples will be stubborn to go away.

PIH, which stands for post inflammatory hyper pigmentation, are the red marks that pimples may leave behind when they finally go away.  For many people, these red marks can be just as bad as the actual lesions.  Unfortunately, PIH can be very hard to get rid of.  For some, the marks may last weeks or even months.  Keep in mind that these marks do eventually fade.  The key to keeping them away is to prevent new pimples from forming.

Face Creams That Actually Work on Acne

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