Five Criteria of a Good Wife

Hello readers, especially woman, do you want to be a good wife? You can try to fulfill these requirements.

A good wife must fulfill at least five criteria. It can make relationship become more harmony. It can make her husband like to stay at home instead of go to a club or café. These criteria is also known as 5B to be a good wife, 5B refers to Brain, Beauty, Behavior, Blessed and Bed. These five factors are can’t separated. Let us check together in the following elaboration.

1.  Brain

First is brain. As a wife, you must have a brain. Yes of course, all the people in the world have brain. In this context, it means that a good wife must be smart. A good wife is multi-talented. A good wife can cook for her husband and children. A good wife spends her money wisely. She can organize the money wisely. A good wife can teach her children at home. She can help her children to do their homework and solve the problem.

2.  Beauty

Second is beauty. A good wife has inner and outer beauty. She can looks beautifully in any conditions. Beauty means charming. A good wife can make her husband like to see her.

3.  Behavior

Third is behavior. A good wife has a good behavior. She doesn’t like to hang out with her friend. She doesn’t like to make unnecessary hot issue.

4.  Blessed

Fourth is blessed. A good wife must be religious. Everything she does always based on the God directions. A good wife always prays to the God.

5.  Bed

Last is bed. This is the important factor. A good wife can play on the bed well. She can serve her husband very well. She know what her husband need in any occasions. She doesn’t tell what she and her husband do on the bed

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  1. very nice tips.

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