Flirt Most Telling Men to Women Around The World

Flirt most telling men to women around the world

Sweet words or flattery adahal it is most often done to encourage women he adored. But other countries have different jitunya seduction.

It was raised by Jo Hemmings, a British psychologist. He conducted an online survey tarhadap 200,000 men worldwide. He also found some surefire seduction of the most popular in the major countries.

In England, the seduction of the most telling was when he praised the beauty of a woman’s legs. While in America, Brazil, Italy and France, the most successful seduction is when he praised the way she dressed.

In Spain and South America, she will ‘bounce’ when he praises her hair, while in Dutch and Portuguese, the beauty of the skin that makes her feel most commendable.

Quoted from the Telegraph’s seduction of success and duration of response was measured from the woman to continue the conversation with the man who praised him.

Still according to the same study, praises ‘beautiful eyes’, a compliment of the most successful the world over. The second most popular praise ‘wonderful ear shape’. But praise the beauty of the shape of the ear that proved less successful in the Netherlands also Portugal.

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