For Gentleman Over 60: Tips for Staying Attractive

Still in the game, but feeling benched?

Here are some tips to help get back on the field. If you are single and hope for companionship or married and hope to keep the embers glowing, here are some thoughtful suggestions.

Remember when your mom told you to wash behind your ears and look yourself over in the mirror before you went out the door? Well, that advice is still good. It is all too simple to become relaxed around hygiene. This is the biggest mistake you can make. If your clothes are rumpled or have that “been put back in the closet after having been worn once or twice odor” then people notice. Keep your clothes fresh and clean. Air things out often. Wash clothes and keep work, leisure and sports clothes separate. Women have a more acute sense of smell than men do and believe me, this is not something that can be addressed with an extra splash of after shave.

Keep your very personal hygiene in check as well. Keep a package of pre-moistened wipes in you car, office, sports locker and any other convenient place and use these as needed.

Brush, floss and rinse three times a day. If you use dentures, clean them nightly. Keep your facial, including ear and nose hairs trimmed. If you are all prickly, it will be hard for anybody to want to get up close and cuddle. Same with finger nails and toenails,.keep them clean and trimmed.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to be attractive and you don’t have to be handsome.

A sense of humor, relaxed manner and the ability to listen and hear as well as tell an occasional good story are some of the things a woman finds most attractive in a man.

Taking the time to stay clean, fresh and healthy will bring you additional confidence. Feeling good about your appearence will help you feel better in general and you will begin to notice you are being noticed by people who also feel good about themselves.

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