Haircuts: How Often and How Much You Should Have Cut

Advice on how often, what to look for and how much you should cut. Learn more about your own hair.

There is a lot of controversy over how often people should get their haircut and how much should be trimmed off. I am here to straighten all that out for you and give you direct answers on the truth about haircuts.

We are taught in beauty school that most people need their hair trimmed, on average about every six weeks. But every head of hair is as different as every person who sits down in that chair and every hair on your head can be different too. Depending on your type of hair, your diet, your environment, your shampoos, conditioners, styling aids and on and on, there are so many factors that your right trim time depends on, it is hard to say in one article. But I will try to shorten it up for you so to speak.

I need to get you up to speed on the topic of hair growth real quick so that you will understand some statements. The better you understand your own hair the easier it is for you to get what you want and for your stylist to help you. I am sure you hear all kinds of numbers on how fast hair grows but again that depends on you. The basic idea is a healthy person with average hair growth gets about a ½ to and inch a month of new growth. That can change with diet, age, the amount of styling and the amount of shampooing and conditioning. Hopefully your stylist can help you determine the amount of average growth for you, it may be more or less than average. I did write an article on how to grow your hair long, you can check the internet for my article or this site. If you have questions or need help you can comment below.

Knowing what a split looks like will also help you. The hair shaft is wound sort of wound together like a rope would be. So when you look at the hair shaft and it has two ends instead of one, most people would already know this, but that is a split. Some of the problem is though that it can split farther up the shaft. You can grab a small chunk of hair and look at the ends but you may not be seeing all the splits that could be there. I mention below about twisting the hair shaft and trimming. You can twist small chunks of hair up and then run your fingers backwards toward your scalp and see what pops out, sometimes this helps you determine if there are splits somewhere farther up, and I repeat, sometimes.

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  1. Man, I wish I could find a stylist who cares as much as you do!

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