Home Remedies for Chaffed Skin

Friction and a warm, moist environment causes chaffed skin, here are some home remedies to cure that irritated skin.

When any two objects rub together, it creates friction, when one of those objects being rubbed is your skin, you’re going to get chaffed skin. Red, painful, inflamed skin that looks like and feels it has been sunburned. Heat, humidity and sweat are contributing factors for chaffed skin, particularly under arms, breasts and between thighs. Wearing synthetic fabrics trap moisture, reduce airflow and exasperate the chaffing problem in vulnerable areas.

Everyone experiences chaffed skin at some time, and there are some home remedies you can try to calm and promote healing to inflamed skin.

The best way to deal with chaffed skin is to remove all your clothing and walk around nude when you are at home. If that is not possible, remove all restricting, tight clothing and wear something loose fitting, preferably made of cotton fabric so your skin can breathe.

Apply a medicated cream to the chaffed skin. An over-the-counter cream containing cortisone will stop the inflammation and soothe your chaffed skin.

If a skin cream containing cortisone does not work, and the skin redness and tenderness become worse within the next 24 hours, you have a yeast infection. Apply a cream to the chaffed skin that is made to cure vaginal yeast infection, which will be an antifungal cream. Any area of skin that stays warm and moist can develop a yeast infection, so yes, apply vaginal yeast infection cream to any chaffed skin that does not respond to cortisone cream.

After bathing, rinse your skin twice to ensure all the soap residue is removed from your skin. Soap residue can compound the chaffing by irritating the skin even more. After you have towel dried, turn your hair dryer on low setting and dry all the areas that are prone to chaffing. Be meticulous in drying, any moisture on the skin leads to skin chaffing.

Use absorbent body powders on all areas prone to chaffing also. The absorbent powder will absorb body moisture from your skin throughout the day, helping to avoid chaffed skin.

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  1. this said “Home Remedies” and the tips were to use medicated lotions…. last i checked that wasn’t a home remedy……

  2. I’m a Man. Do I still use Antifungal Vaginal Cream to sooth my chaffed skin?

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