Homemade Conditioner for Smooth and Soft Hair

Here is a cheap and easy, make at home, recipe particularly suited to treat dry and damaged hair. Results guaranteed.

If your hair is brittle to touch and you’ve tried so many products and procedures but in vain, then perhaps this is what you need to do. For the smooth, soft mane of your dreams: blend together 1 large banana and yogurt or honey(as some people are prone to colds after using a hair pack containing yogurt) and apply to your hair.  Leave for a couple of hours or till dried completely. Rinse thoroughly and then wash using a mild shampoo.


PS: This is an excellent conditioner for dry and damaged hair. It can be used as often as you like, even everyday. The only drawback is that banana can get all “goey and sticky” and it takes quite an effort to wash off from hair. But the effect is terrific and the smells are “fruity and sweet” but then you must like banana(like me) to enjoy this pack and reap it’s benefits. Try it once and I think you’ll agree.

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  1. Great affordable idea

  2. Great idea well done – photos are great and nicely explained. nice writing style.

  3. I had no idea you could make your own conditioner at home.

  4. Cool share, think I may try this.

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  6. I could use this to make my hair softer

  7. the one which my hair currently needs…will come back to post the result avissado..Thanks!

  8. Yummy… This article is very useful. My hair is being problem, it help me. Thanks avissado. !!

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    good this time of year especially

  12. Wow many people interested in your idea to make conditioner. I think, i have to try your homemade recipe.

  13. banana aroma is weird but thankx for this home made conditioner.

  14. it’s a long time. btw, you have a nice article.


  16. very useful tips you have given.

  17. What a great recipe for silky smooth hair. must give this a try. Thanks, my friend.

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  19. Very inexpensive way to treat dry hair. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for the quick tip

  21. Sounds like it’s in my budget.

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