How to Apply Makeup: Kate Middleton

Well, it’s ready to try the makeup style of Kate Middleton? More beautiful is not it?

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Kate Middleton has its own style of makeup that made ​​her look beautiful and elegant without being gaudy and excessive. This makes the wife of the heir to the British throne is often imitated makeup way.

You want to know the makeup tricks a la Kate Middleton? Consider the following;

     Kate Middleton almost never use make-up with bright colors are striking, and always wear natural colors. Even the makeup for the night, she just adds to the impression of more luminous shimmer.

     Kate Middleton facial skin care seems to be very complete, so it always looks fresh even without makeup. You also should pay more attention to facial skin healthy and fresh. If there are little black spots or eye bags, then use a thin layer of concealer.

     The use of make-up foundation as a base, preferably a thin layer only. This will make the face look natural and not like a mask.

     Kate Middleton eye makeup is more focused on the use brown eyeliner, according to eye color and hair. Mascara is used to emphasize the eyelashes, without using fake eyelashes.

     Nude lipstick color (color), or gloss it has always been her passion. His lips are thin without makeup she always highlight bold colored lipstick.

     She uses a pink blush on the polished thin, so that her cheeks flushed and fresh look.

Well, it’s ready to try the makeup style of Kate Middleton? More beautiful is not it?

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  1. Good tips. She does have a fresh, natural look. That says more for true beauty than heavy layers.

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