How to Flush Battery Acid From Your Eyes and Skin

Battery acid is a strong chemical that is used throughout our daily life. Many people become blind by getting it on their eyes and on their skin.

 Car batteries can be the worst at this happening. Many mechanics become blind after changing car batteries. The mechanic will usually change a consumers car battery and without knowing will usually touch their eyes without knowing the chemical has already taken effect. Battery acid will need to be flushed immediately with water. First, you will need to remain calm because time is very valuable when you are in this type of situation The best way is to use running water with a hose is known to dilute the acid. The other known way to flush battery acid in your eye is to make a solution that will neutralize the battery acid. Baking soda and water is a good solution to use to stop the chemical reaction when on the batter acid is in your eyes. Flushing the battery acid from the skin is also a easy task. You will need to remain calm and repeat the same procedure as flushing your eyes. If the battery acid is ingested, you will need to seek a physician and call 911.

Flushing with water will work for all battery types below.

battery acid

battery lead acid

 lead battery acid

deep cycle battery

motorcycle batteries

 nitric acid

hydrochloric acid

 phosphoric acid

exide batteries


12 v battery

lead acid batteries

 acid battery,

solar battery

 sulphuric acid

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