How to Get Rid of Orange Peel Skin

Now you can easily get rid of cellulite and orange peel face skin.

Dimples on the skin, knows intimately the majority of women and none of them rejoice. Targeted care can get rid of them, or is at least partially erased and it’s not a fairy tale.

1. Tuck or water:

To smooth the skin there is needed to establish the correct diagnosis. Cellulite does not arise only at overweight people, but it suffers from even those who excessively retain water in the skin.

Take a simple test. First, examine where your cellulite is. You see the rough skin with dimples on the abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs? Tumescent do not have legs? Skin is not painful to the touch? Then you’re one of those who formed dimples accumulation of fat in the subcutaneous tissue. Cellulite stored in the hips, legs and ankles that hurt when touched and arises due to water retention.

2nd Motion and fluid:

Cellulite is closely associated with the lymphatic system. It diverts excess fluid from tissues, including residuals. To facilitate the passage of lymph movement contribute, it is preferable to do aerobic exercises like swimming, cycling, fast walking. All other methods of treatment such as massages, body wraps and cosmetic applications have a similar effect. 

3rd Hand lymph massage:

Circular and spiral touches Massager boosting lymph. Go to the professionally trained specialist with a good recommendation. 

4th Ultrasound Therapy:

Ultrasonic waves washed the contents of the sub cutis fat cells. Subsequent lymph drainage washes away loose fat in the liver, which can be processed and eliminated. You will see improvement after 6 applications. 

5th Body wrapping:

Trainee beautician applied cream to the affected parts with extracts of ivy, peanuts and ginger or cinnamon oil. Cream promotes the blood circulation. By the lymphatic and blood vessels are ready to pay the excess fluid and waste products. 

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