How to Grow, Trim, and Care for Your Beard

Every man should grow out their beard at least once in their life. It is a symbol of manliness and a big change-up from the standard grooming of the modern American. However, it is essential to properly grow, trim, and care for your beard.

Before starting to grow your beard, there are some things to consider. Be sure to shave all of your facial hair off-such as goatees or mustaches– before growing your beard out. Neglecting to do so will cause part of your beard to grow faster than the rest.

Be prepared to grow your beard out for at least a month before trimming. This should put ¾ of an inch of hair on your face. No matter how you look, grow your beard out for one month. If your beard is patchy or incomplete after a month, growing a beard may not be in the cards for you. Consider other types of facial hair such as a goatee, mustache, or side burn chops. Some parts of your facial hair may grow faster than others, but this will be accounted for during the trimming and shaping phase.

In the middle stage of growing out your beard, you are going to look pretty bad. The period between week 1 and week 3 looks particularly bad. If your occupation requires customer face time, it might be wise to schedule a vacation for the second week of growing out your beard. When your beard is fully grown out, you will have a distinctive “Grizzly Adams” look. Don’t be troubled, as you will be trimming and shaping it.

Trimming your beard is tricky. Be sure to get yourself a beard and mustache trimmer and a fine toothed comb. This looks like a miniature set of clippers that your barber might use. The first step is to use the trimmer to cut your entire beard to about half an inch. Usually this is trimmer guard number three.

Next, your beard will need to be shaped. To shape the neckline, draw a line between your ears and completely shave everything below it with your trimmer without a guard. Next, draw a line straight down from the outside of your sideburns. Remove all of the hairs to the outside of this line.

An alternative to shaping and trimming your beard by yourself is to enlist the help of a professional barber. After having a professional shape your beard, you will be able to maintain it by using your old razor and trimmer. Every 2-3 days, you will need to shave the areas you’ve just trimmed off.

Approximately every week, you should set the trimmer to the same length you had before and trim the rest. Treat your beard as a part of the hair on your head. It should get shampooed at least every other day and conditioned if it has been damaged by sun or chlorine. After drying, comb it flat and straight.

Enjoy your beard!

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  1. hi,
    i have observed some portionof my beard color as gray. iam 31 now. so how to make it up? if i keep this beard for some days and do some coloring then will it work or not? or any way to prevent this ?
    pls let me know

  2. Couple days ago i shaved on some whim.i regreted for the rast of my life.i was aiming for “never shaving your mustache or beard for life”now that i did i feel like committing suicide….i need some advice tips or something to make my facial hair grow faster and stuff.

  3. Typo.excuse it.

  4. im 15

  5. “Never shaving your mustache or beard for life” is a record i was aiming that i shaved,you people dont even relize how much depression im in for shaving.just hope it will grow back soon.

    i look weird without a mustache.

  6. its been 3 weeks and i love my beard. cool man real cool, my lady loves it. I decided to do it because i am self employed and work from home plus why not, I got tired of shaving

  7. I had a pretty nice beard for about 4 months and then I just decided to shave. While shaving I shaved it into different styles to see how it looked. Now I have a Van Buren stache and I love it.

  8. shaving is a pain, plus ithink the beard looks more masculine and trendy.

  9. Dude – Don’t ya think trying to never shave your beard or mustache from 15 till the end of ur life is a little extreme?? By the way, its been over a year, hows it comin??

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  14. Hey Guys , Had a question.
    I am 22 and have never shaved my beard. I always trim it.
    This is because I think that SHAVING WILL MAKE MY BEARD GROW FASTER, which I DON’T want. Could u please suggest if it is true or not.

  15. Shaving your beard will not make it grow faster. It’s a proven, scientific fact.
    Don’t argue with science.
    I am a scientist.


    That is an urban myth. Shaving or otherwise cutting hair does not make it grow any faster.

  17. I want to grow a full beard for the winter. Right now I have a moustache. Should I expand the moustache to a goatee or just stop shaving.

  18. So, Shaving the beard was a sin against God, then Gillete made it profitable and fashionalbe, World War 1 made shaving neccary for soligers exposed to gas, they returned as heros,
    and shaving became part of America. Shaving remained and became almost demanded to make a living. Bearded men were called abnomal and dirty. Indeed all of the marks that physicaly denote manhood were downgraded Feminists shouted that “men as fathers were unneccary”. The feminization of America came to full swing. What a wreak it has made of America! It can be understood how a profession can require males to shave in instances where chemicals could cause the death of the employee. However, never is a beard more dirty than any other human hair. Women are allowed to wear long hair to work. This is no different from a long beard. American Politicians do not allow there beards to grow. This is shameful. It is a bow to vanity. Shaving is a display of vanity.Looking into a mirror constantly is not for men. Men do not wear beards as they do a coat, a beard is like the fingernail, just a natural part of the person. It we are required to shave our faces, one might has well ask us to shave our eyebrows and scalps! It is not the bearded man making a statement, it is the vain man cutting off his natural face that is saying “Hey! I give in, the face God gave me is wrong, I must preen in the mirror”
    What was a sin, is still a sin. We may call it neccary, fashonable, hero worship, profitable to some, or favored by American women. It is still sin. It is a deformation of the proper image of a man.

  19. Hello!
    I am 18 years old. I have got no problem with my beard.
    But the thing is that, how much ever I allow my beard to grow, I can never grow a goatee( I mean the one just below my lower lip). Is there a solution to this problem of mine? PLEASE HELP…

  20. im 15 nd doing this ting

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