How to Have Beautiful Hair Free of Split-Ends: Simple Ways & Rules That Make a Huge Difference

You don’t need to buy all those expensive and fancy products for curing your split ends because some of them may “seem to work” for a while, but the truth is they can’t “cure” your split ends.

Simple and small changes in the way you handle your hair everyday can surprisingly cure your problem and make your hair look beautiful.

 To know how to eliminate split ends….. you first need to know a couple of facts about your hair…

Can your hair damage ”heal”?

… Our hair are made up of dead cells. The living cells at the base of hair follicle reproduce to add hair cells to our hair shaft which makes it grow longer. The part of the hair shaft we see is made up of cells which are no longer living.

This is important to know because, since it is a dead tissue if it gets teared or damaged it cannot heal itself, like a cut on our skin  heals. So all those products out there which claim they repair or heal your split-ends make false claims and are more or less wastage of money with no real results. They can even out your split ends and improve the appearance of your hair but as soon as you wash your hair,  the split ends become visible again. So extensive conditioning or other products can hide and make your split ends less visible for a while, but not make them “heal”. The only way to get rid of it is to chop off the split ends. If you don’t cut the split ends and keep them for long, they will climb up your hair shaft and finally you will need to have a drastic hair cut. So don’t ignore them for long.

What protects your hair structure and keeps it split free?

Our hair has an out covering layer of cuticle like the one our skin has. It protects the body of our hair from damage and maintains its structure. If this protective layer is damaged the underlying cortex of the hair is exposed and its components start separating and unwinding like interwoven threads of a rope giving rise to Split ends. So it is important to protect the cuticle of hair to prevent having split ends.

Once you get rid of your split ends by cutting them and have a fresh start, here are the things to follow to keep your hair split-free and healthy looking always. 

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  1. In your article talking about how to grow hair you mention not cutting it for 2-6 months but then you say its important to get a trim every 6 to 8 weeks, which is best?
    Thank you,
    Lisa Nemiroff

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