How to Kill Pimples in an Hour

Pictorial is in two hours. How will you kill that pimple?


Pimples are a good example of small but terrible things. Just one single pimple can ruin your face during a date, a pictorial, or even during just a normal day in the office. It’s rare for your office mates to see a pimple on your face so they tend to look at you as if you committed a crime. Many methods are claimed to the best pimple remedy. Others even suggest a flawless way on how to kill pimples in 1 to 2 days. All of these various methods agree one thing.

Ideally, you must not pop pimples. (1) It’s unsanitary. (2) It can leave scars. (3) It worsens the zits. However, there are some instances when you have to kill those pimples as soon as possible. Suppose it is your first job interview in a cosmetic company. You get so excited that you kept practicing your possible job interview answers until midnight. Nonetheless, you still managed to wake up early in the morning. When you greeted yourself in the mirror, alas! You have a pimple! To make matters worse, the pimple is at the tip of your nose! No matter how conversant you appear during your job interview, that pimple will screw up everything. You are applying for a cosmetic job. You know for sure that popping a pimple is not the best pimple remedy but it is your last resort at the moment.

For sure, you wanna know how to kill pimples. When you pop a pimple, make sure your hands are clean before and after. After popping the pimple, make sure to wash it thoroughly with soap. Popping the pimple can spread the bacteria and will cause further problems. Don’t pop too hard, too, as it will enlarge the swelling and worse, it will wound your skin, which in turn leads to a scar. Apply heat first to the pimple to help bring out the oil. Just a cup of hot coffee will do.  After popping, immediately apply ice pack to make sure the swelling will not be too visible.

Finally, you will have to hide the popped pimple using a concealer. Set aside a concealer that is meant for use whenever you have pimples only. You don’t want to use the same concealer on regular days and instigate new pimples. You can find acne concealers that are specifically made for this. Such concealers are great for pimples because they effectively hide blemishes without making it look unnatural. That is a practical method on how to kill zits. It takes only an hour. As soon as you get home,  take that concealer off to avoid pores blockage, which will cause more pimples.

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