How to Knock Out Bad Breath

Bad breath could be a real obstacle in certain aspects of life, the sooner it gets knocked off, it’s better for you.




Imagine a situation when a girl snubs a boy as soon as he bends on her, to land a kiss on her lips.

The boy gets baffled, he was sure of her signals. He knew he had read her perfectly. But what prevented him to land a kiss on her.

The poor chap had still not been able to comprehend that the real reason lies in his bad breath.

Bad breath could be a real obstacle in certain aspects of life, the sooner it gets knocked off, it’s better for you.

How would you knock out bad breath? You should try and understand what causes bad breath. There are a number of reasons for a bad breath to crop up.

It could be your eating habits, the type of foods you eat, and a careless tendency of not to prevent bad breath.

Look at what causes bad breath. Low carbohydrate diet could be one of the reasons that trigger bad breath. A low carbohydrate diet contains energy compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. These energy compounds interact with body fats and burns it.

The reaction of carbohydrate energy compounds with the body fats releases a chemical that produces bad breath.

Foods with high content of protein also cause bad breath.

Therefore, you need to be extremely careful with your eating habits. Some people have a habit of eating frequently at regular intervals throughout the day, and they do not wash their mouth after they swallow food. Those are the ones who are likely to develop bad breath more often.

You may find hard to alter your eating habits, still you can follow few tips to knock out bad breath.

·        Those who cannot resist low carbohydrate foods should drink at least eight glasses of water. Sufficient quantity of water weakens the effect of chemicals released out of carbohydrate food, resulting in fresh breath.

·        Brush your teeth after you finish your dinner. Brushing your teeth removes hidden particles from your teeth and prevents decaying. A clean set of tooth removes bad breath.

·        The use of oral mouth wash just before you go to sleep keeps your breath fresh. It also eradicates the chances of tooth decay which leads to fresh breath.

·        Chewing peppermint tablets also helps you to remove any traces of bad breath left in your mouth.

Pursue the given tips regularly and you would witness your bad breath vanish away in the oblivion.

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