How to Look Ten Pounds Thinner

We can look ten pounds thinner with a little bit of know how. Most women have that last five or ten pounds they plan to lose but in the meantime there are ways to appear thinner now. So draw up your chair and make a note to yourself for your next shopping trip.

How to Look Ten Pounds Thinner

It’s easy to look ten pounds thinner by using a few tricks we ladies have up our sleeve. First of all get a good fitting foundation garment. (Whoever invented these things should be revered for life.) This magical garment will flatten your tummy and make your clothes fit perfectly without the waistline or back fat bra bulge. Men can get the same benefit by wearing a compression top underneath the shirt. A sales person will be more than happy to help you choose the right garment.

Another misconception we have is that larger clothes make us look thinner. Wrong, larger clothes do not make you look thinner. Instead dress in clothes with a tailored look that are not tight. Cut is more important than dark colors to disguise your weight.

Use the correct accessories that don’t draw attention to your bad points. If you aren’t happy with your hips, don’t wear bold bracelets that are attention getters when your arms are down to your side. Instead wear a snazzy necklace or earrings that draw attention upward.

Wear a belt. This might not sound logical if you are not thin, but your best bet is to wear a belt at the top of your hips to create a shorter torso and longer leg line. Not higher, it makes you look old, not lower, it looks sloppy. The same logic applies to skirts. Keep the band at the top of the hip to preserve a slimming leg line.

Consider a long coat. Choose one that hits above the knees and has tailored shoulders. Worn open a coat will hide your wider parts and give you a long thinner silhouette.

Try these suggestions and see if your aren’t pleased with the picture you present. You will be happier with your appearance now, while eating healthy, exercising and working on losing that extra ten pounds.

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  4. I know many who could gladly use your tips. A very good post but I’d say instead of faking the right figure, one should work harder to achieve it in the end

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