How to Make Thin Arms Look Better

Are your arms thin and bony? If you feel self conscious in a sleeveless top, here’s how to improve the way bony arms look.

Are you embarrassed by your thin, bony arms? Thin may be fashionable, but bony arms are not – which is one reason more thin women are heading to the gym for some resistance training. Arms that are trim, yet firm are an ideal most people are trying to achieve. Weight training can have pretty spectacular benefits when it comes to building muscle tone in the arms – but until that muscle becomes a reality; here are some tips for making thin arms look better.

Get Thee to a Gym

If you’re not doing focused upper body resistance exercises, you’ll never build the firm, lean body mass that gives skinny arms definition. If you don’t feel comfortable lifting weights, schedule a few sessions with a personal trainer and discover how to do focused exercises for building arm definition. If you can’t afford a personal trainer, use a dvd that trains the upper body. It’s important to work all the muscles in the arms and shoulders to get the job done. If you work out at home and don’t have weights, buy some resistance bands to work the arms and upper body. Weight training is one the only way to really change the look of a bony arm. (a little weight gain may help too).

Put on a Self-Tanner

Too thin arms look more toned when they’re darker. Rather than damage skin by lying in the sun, apply a self-tanner instead. As soon as the color develops, your arms will look more defined and less bony. Use a self-tanner before a special event – particularly if your arms will be exposed in a short-sleeved dress.

Wear Long, Loose Sleeves

One of the best ways to draw attention away from bony arms is to wear long, billowing sleeves that cover the arms – then draw attention to the hands by getting a good manicure. Wearing vibrant prints with long sleeves are also a good cover-up. Stay away from long sleeves in dark colors that fit snugly against the arms. Also avoid v necked tops that emphasize upper body thinness. Try drawing attention to your neck by wearing an eye catching necklace or vibrant scarf. If you wear short sleeves, don’t call attention to your arms by wearing bracelets – and stay away from spaghetti straps.

Making Bony Arms Look Better – The Bottom Line?

A little muscle definition developed at the gym can make a big difference in how your thin arms look. Until then – give these fashion tips a try.

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