How to prevent acne

Facial break outs.

Have you tried almost evrything on the market for acne and they have not worked? How about changing the way you eat? Women go to great length to ensure that their skin is clean and smooth to the touch, some make regular visits to the spa to rid themselves of  breakouts, black heads and white heads. However, considering the effects of the recession that we are presently facing, we should try to be frugal and  save wherever we can, if we shop smartly we can prevent some of these breakouts and save the fifty bucks that we would have paid at the spa.

We are what we eat, so next time you walk into the supermarket,  instead of getting pasta, potato, white rice, sweets and white bread, get some whole grain products, they might be a bit expensive now but they save you a lot in the long run. Pasta, white ricewhite bread  and sweets are known to make blood sugar levels soar, hence increasing our facial break outs. 

In addition to whole grain products we should drink 6-8 glass of water depending on our body size. Water ceanses  the body, by removing waste from the blood, it helps in circulation and hydration. We can meet our required water intake by drinking flavored water such as teas, juices and eating fruits and vegetables that contain large quantity  of water such as cucumbers, watermelons and oranges. I opt fora combination of water, juices and eating fruits and vegetables most of the times, because of a fact, water by itself is tasteless and not very encouraging to drink no matter how good it maybe for us . There are many options to get our 6-8 glasses of water in for the day, so there is no excuse for dehydration. Happy drinking!!

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