Keep Split Ends Away

An article with basic hair care and treatment suggestions to get rid of the split ends you have and keep new ones away.

Everyone sometimes just hates their own hair. One day yo look at it and think that the best thing do is cut or shave it all off and start over. If that is what you really want to do, then go for it. However, if you are just fed up with dull or unhealthy hair don’t do it yet.

There are many easy things you can do to keep split ends at bay, and to get your hair healthy and looking good. I’ve had my hair long enough that I would have to hold it to avoid sitting on it. So these are all thing I have tried, not just the same old tips that were heard from a friend or stylist and never really tested out.

The first step is to stop and become more aware of what you do to your hair every day. It is the little daily mis-handling of your hair that causes the most damage. Do you wash and blow dry daily? Get your hair caught in coat collars or under bag straps? A child in the house that yanks or twists it (my major damage cause right there)?

Lets start with the simple stuff. Hold your hair clear while fastening seat belts, putting on coats, putting a bag strap over your shoulder. All that tugging and pulling on the same section of hair on a regular basis ca really do some damage.

How are your fingernails? Do you have and jagged edges or tears that could grab or snag in your hair? Keeping your nails smooth and jewelry that might snag your hair away is a quick and easy step that will make a big difference. Think about how much we put our hands in our hair to style or de-tangle.

When washing your hair do you shampoo? Unless you have a greasy scalp and oily hair there really is no need. The cleansing ingredients in most shampoos are found in conditioners as well. So instead of stripping your hair of natural oils twice, buy an inexpensive conditioner and use that only. The trick is to wet your hair like normal, then to really saturate your hair with the conditioner first thing in the shower.I keep a wide tooth comb in the shower and comb through my hair while it is coated in conditioner. This assures even distribution and also limits the amount of combing or brushing that you will need to do after the shower. Leave the conditioner in as long as you can and rinse as the final step in the shower.

If you really don’t feel you can give up the shampoo then apply it only to your scalp, not your whole head of hair. After rinsing the shampoo follow the same conditioning directions. This will greatly reduce frizzing. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for years, and the week I stopped shampooing I was thrilled with the results.

Another thing to think about is the temperature of the water in your shower. Cool, or even luke warm, water is better than hot. A cold final rinse can help sooth down the cuticles, making it easier to comb or brush later.

As you get out of the shower do you rub your hair briskly with a towel? Don’t! Patting your hair is fine, but a brisk towel rubbing can cause knots and breaks. You can wrap your hair in the towel like a turban, being careful not to pull the hairs at the base of your neck too hard. The safest way to dry is to just let the towel rest over your shoulders and drip on the towel.

Can’t give up the blow dryer? Then invest in a hair dryer with different heat settings and a diffuser. Keep the temperature and speed of the air down as low as you can and limit the length of time you exposure your hair to the heat.

When de-tangling your hair what do you do? Generally brushing or combing wet hair can cause a lot of damage. Your hair is at it’s weakest while wet, so caution is important. I use a seamless wide tooth comb. Seams on a comb can catch and tug on your hair and cause breakage. Some days a simple finger combing is all that is needed, especially if I combed the conditioner through my hair in the shower. Sometime after my hair is dry I will use a boars hair brush to finish the job.

No matter when you are brushing or combing your hair always start at the ends. Work your way up through your hair in increments, This way you do not tighten knots or put undue stress on your hair. Just remember to be gentle with your hair.

You can oil the length of your hair while styling. Either by putting a small drop in the palm of their hands, rub their hands together and lightly apply the oil to the ends only of the hair. Sunflower seed oil or Extra virgin olive oil worked well for me. There are many different light oils out there that work well, but these two seem to be common and easy to find as well as suited to the purpose.

What I normally do instead of applying the oil with my hands is even simpler. I took an empty spray bottle and willed it about three quarters of the way full of water. Then added a dollop of which ever oil(s) I wanted to use and a few drops of essence oils for scent. I use the spray bottle then I need to soothe or style my hair when I can’t do it fresh from a shower, or for quick touch ups before going out.

Already have split ends? Cut them off! Invest in a pair of good, sharp hair scissors. You can get a decent pair at a reasonable price in Walmart, Sally’s, or many other stores. No matter what pair you buy keep these scissors as designated hair scissors. Don;t use them on anything else. It sounds silly, but using your hair scissors for paper or yarn or anything else could damage the blade, which would in turn damage your hair rather defeating the purpose of trimming the damage off your hair.

If you haven’t been doing this right along, or its been awhile since you have had your hair trimmed in awhile you might be best served by trimming a solid inch off all you hair before looking for splits.

It might seem to be an unending, daunting task looking for and trimming away split ends. Sometimes when you get started you just seem to find more and more. I think this is just because you are now looking for them, not that they really are multiplying even it that is what it seems like.

I usually pick a small section of hair a day and find any splits I can. I then cut the hair straight across just above the split. Then I hunt for the next, and the next, and so on. If you trying to do it for too long in a sitting I find my eyes get tired, so I stop after I finish the segment of hair or after five or so minutes. Otherwise I end up giving myself a headache.

Two final words of advice. First off you need to be healthy, if you eat healthy and your body is healthy then your new hair growth will be healthy. If you are under or malnourished then your hair will be too. Second, not everyone’s hair is the same. My hair reacts differently that my mother’s, and my daughter’s. Some people’s hair will react badly to ingredients in certain products, while others will have wonderful results. And as you change, your hair changes. Age, health problems, pregnancy, stress, etc. can all have effects of your hair. Just be aware of how you are treating your hair and how it reacts and changes o that you update your hair care appropriately.

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