List of Essentials for Natural Makeup

List of essential for Natural makeup along with some tips how to choose the correct one.

Before applying the perfect Natural Looking makeup you would require the essentials that would enhance your looks in a natural way perfectly.


So here is the list of essentials for Natural Makeup and some tips to help you choose the right product: 


You need to choose the cocealer that suits you the best. For natural makeup pick 1 or 2 shades lighter concealer for your natural look makeup.


Pick the right foundation according to your skin tone. You can check it by applying it on your jaw line. Always keep in mind that foundation looks darker in bottle. So feel free to check it before buy.

Eye Liner

Always remember the types of makeup you are applying before choosing the product therefore according to natural looking makeup you need a liquid eye liner. Pick light color eyeliner to have a natural and fresh touch.

Eye Shadow

For natural makeup you would require light shadows, which doesn’t make a bold statement yet make it look gorgeous. Choose colors like silver, gold, bronze etc according to your skin tone


For natural makeup look you would require a blush that appreciate your skin and give a glow. Natural glow is the main thing so; it would be better to pick bronzer for natural touch.


Pick some soft color mascara like grey or brown mascara. Dark mascara can spoil the mood of natural makeup


Do not go with some lip gloss or Dark shades of lipstick. Pick the Lip stain that is the best for your natural look. More shimmery lips can spoil the natural look.

Makeup Brushes

Obviously for whole step by step natural makeup procedure you would require brushes. Blush brush, q-tip to blend the eyeliner and shadow, smudge brush to smudge the two shades you pick and eye liner brush to have a perfect line.

These are the tools that you will need, so pick the right one for your and make your look better and keep the compliments coming.

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